Why You Must Amplify PR (and 5 Easy Steps to Take)

Your PR team just confirmed that you are booked for a segment this Friday on the top rated morning show in your market to discuss a project that you are both personally passionate about, and will have an impact on your business. This is the type of press that you have been wanting for a long time and you are really excited. Now what do you do?

You amplify it! Amplification is the methodology of maximizing any and all exposure you and your business have. Although the example we just gave seems rather obvious, tactics are the same and should be used even if you are simply quoted in a article that runs in a small, niche publication.

So how do you amplify? Here are 5 simple steps to maximizing your press with each and every mention you have:

1. Have a why – your audience is bombarded everyday with information, requests, stories and so on. They are following you and your company for a reason – something has connected what you do to them. People like to understand your “WHY”. Share the why anytime you can, and then connect how this appearance, article, or whatever you have to that. It just needs to support that why.

2. Make it easy – it needs to be really easy to share the story you are putting out there, so keep the links clean. Don’t make people have to click more than once to watch a story or read an article. Pay for a good clipping service copy of a TV appearance and put that on your social media. To further support the value of you post in Facebook, make sure you also add a screenshot of the any appearance with a link to the segment in your comments. Finally, let people comment on what you have done, and engage with them. The more you build your community, the stronger your brand loyalty becomes.

3. Share everywhere – there is a time to brag, and a time to be understated. When it comes to amplifying your press, you need to brag and share everywhere. If you are early in your company and only focusing on one or two channels, that is fine, make sure to maximize the different ways those channels let you share information. For example, on Facebook you can share something on your personal page, your business page, inside a group, etc. Other places that are great to share your press include LinkedIn and either via a special email to your list, or inside a regular newsletter you may send out. Whenever possible, you should also tag the media and/or media personalities who were part of the story. Finally, use https://snip.ly/ for press articles. It is simple to follow the opt in instructions when including in your post.

4. Remind your tribe – your tribe of followers and supporters are your best form of advertisers, it is ok to ask them to share your stories and give their input. Be specific what you need to learn. Instead of saying, please share – try things like, “what would you like to hear me talk about next time?” Or, “Do you think I hit the mark with my thoughts?”

5. Link back to your website – we often forget to link back to our website, yet articles and interviews are some of our best opportunities to drive traffic to our firm for business development. Make sure you are including links when you can, and have a press page on your website that links out to any coverage you recieve.

When possible, amplification before a media event, and immediately after any and all press is one of the best ways to drive additional values from public relations activities. Follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way maximizing the ROI of your PR budget.

PR is about building up a company profile and the profile of those people inside the firm who are doing great work every day to grow and build the company. When you partner with your PR agency to create a portfolio strategy for the long term, you can accomplish amazing results.

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