What Does Purpose Focused or Purpose Driven PR Mean?

Publicity for Good describes itself as a purpose focused PR firm. What??? Really, what is all this purpose stuff and why should it matter to me when I am looking for a PR firm? For us, at Publicity for Good, purpose is about companies and clients who want to do more with their business than just make money.

Don’t get us wrong, we all want to have a company that grows revenue and is successful. For us, there is more to the equation. We see business as revenue plus. The plus is doing good. The plus is having a purpose. Now, we aren’t about telling our clients, or anyone else for that matter, what their doing good or purpose should be. We just get super excited when we can work with clients who have something that makes a difference and we can be a part of it. We want to know that we are helping business make a positive impact and create a better world. We want to know that the companies we work with also care about the way the treat their employees, their customers, their vendors and their communities … because that is all stuff we really care about.

Some of our clients over the years have done good with the type of food products they have created, or packaging they used. We’ve worked with clients that made beauty products which were all natural, no GMOs and never tested on animals. We’ve worked with non-profit’s that work hard to help stop human trafficking and others to help bring awareness to discrimination for members of the LBGTQ community looking for healthcare providers. We’ve also worked with digital marketing companies and influencers who do amazing public service work as part of their personal brand platform.

So what does purpose focused mean? Well, to us it is simple. Have a mission or set of values that is about doing more, giving more, or creating more so that we as businesses (whether for profit or not-for-profit) are making a positive impact on the community. And, as a firm actively working to seek out those companies and then driving PR results to help those organizations achieve those results.

If you never thought about your company as from this point of view, yet this really resonates with you – we’d love to connect and help you take a look at your foundation to get started. We’ve had a few great mentors that helped us along the way solidify our mission and values for clarity. And, if you’d like to check out companies that we look as examples, ask us – we’ll tell you where we go to learn more about other businesses that get recognized for doing good, being purpose driven, and having a this holistic view of ecosystem. We’re still learning everyday too, so make sure you share back your ideas!

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