“Focusing on The Good” – How A PR Agency Is Using this Principle to Disrupt the Public Relations Industry

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. DeSantis PR believes good publicity, or publicity for companies doing amazing things, is the way to go. The reputable PR company re-launched this week as Publicity For Good, a public relations company that will disrupt the public relations industry by focusing on working for good, conscientious companies.

Heather DeSantis, founder and CEO of Publicity For Good and Miss Ohio International 2018,  is confident that focusing on these companies will bring valuable knowledge to consumers and bring business to companies that truly care about making the world a better place.

“We are disrupting the PR scene as the ‘mad men’ style of doing business is no longer serving anyone,” DeSantis said.

The company recently debuted a new website url, www.publicityforgood.com. The new website features case studies of successful clients and plenty of opportunities for companies to download valuable resources with tips to improve their PR experiences.

Mission driven companies are gaining global attention for their ability to attract and retain millennials, a generation with a strong desire to work for and start purpose driven companies.

More than 80% of millennials in the United States believe a business needs to have a genuine purpose to be successful and nearly 80 percent of them say the values of their employer have to match their own, according to a 2017 American Express report, Redefining the C-Suite: Business the Millennial Way.

These days, consumers expect companies to be drivers in change. They want to do business with companies that take care of their employees and prioritize corporate social responsibility. More than two thirds of Americans believe companies should take actions to make the world a better place and engage with important issues that aren’t directly related to their everyday business, according to a 2017 Cone Communications study on Brands and Social Activism.

The same study found that nearly 90% of Americans said they would purchase a product from a company simply because they stood up for an issue that they care about. Money talks. And, the word is out. Doing good matters and consumers care.

As prominent, mission-driven giants like Google and Facebook continue to be an example of how purpose drives success, Publicity For Good will bring other companies doing great work to the forefront, sharing their stories with the world.

As an established publicist, DeSantis has gotten her clients featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, Forbes, CNN, iHeart Media and ABC and various media outlets across the country. Since launching DeSantis PR in 2016, DeSantis has worked with more than 3,000 media outlets.

Publicity For Good also recently received attention for its unique approach to helping small business owners get the word out about their businesses from Entrepreneur Magazine.

Entrepreneur interviewed DeSantis for a National Small Business Week feature. In the article, DeSantis explains why it’s important for companies to be seen as an expert, make a social plan and stick to it, have a multi-platform approach, and stay on top of the news.  

“Transition from being a business owner and someone selling a product to a thought leader, someone in the trenches sharing information,” DeSantis told Entrepreneur. “You have to have actionable tips that other small-business owners can take action on.”

By keeping a close eye on the heartbeat of the news, Publicity for Good crafts viral media campaigns around special awareness days and months. These viral campaigns drive results for clients, establishing them as thought leaders in their industries and inserting them into society’s hottest conversations.  

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Publicity For Good is a purpose driven PR firm that focuses on the food and beverage industry, speakers, authors, and public figures. We love working with brands which believe that having a mission and doing good work is as important as the product or service you provide. Our passion lies around early stage, emerging and fast growth companies who focus on results and believe that the way PR has always been done is ripe for a change – and we’re excited to be that disruptor.

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