Good Idea Drinks

Prior to working with Good Idea Drinks they just launched their product in the US market and were a Swedish based company who needed help targeting US consumers. This was a functional beverage company with 4 flavors. With Its blend of five amino acids and chromium helps the body handle the sugar spike after a meal. Pain- They launched a new market in the US and needed brand awareness of a new product in a new marketplace.

Good Idea Drinks received 58 individual media interviews and placements over a year in digital media, print media, bloggers and broadcast. Placements which were attributed through creating being campaigns around awareness weeks and days. Prior to working together we mapped a strategic PR and marketing campaign that was created around product launches, new flavors launched, events AND awareness weeks and months. Publicity For Good proactively reaches out to the media on behalf of our clients which is why we create media campaigns around the brand of our client. Media awareness campaigns that we managed includes: Food Health Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, How To Manage Getting Tired During The Holidays and Holiday Gift Guide Reviews. From our experience it is our job as a PR agency to make our clients relevant and newsworthy every single day which is why we create media campaigns around our client and use market timing in the news to pitch our client. For example a new report came out that shares that chromium which is a main ingredient in Good Idea Drinks promotes weight management benefits. Our agency is extremely nimble and able to turn around a press release in less than 24 hours and use the recent news to make our client seen as an authority.

In addition, to managing new product announcements for the launch of their products in their San Francisco retailer we created the persona and brand of their chief food scientist Dr.Elin to support the research and white papers of the company. She was featured in ADT Magazine, Smart Meetings and In Business Magazine. Focusing on targeting HR and corporate media was a priory to Good Idea Drinks because one of their key audiences is healthcare and hospitality.

Media outreached included B2B and consumer press. Media outlets included BevNet, Beverage Daily, Beverage Business Insights, FoodBev, Vitamin Retailer, Chain Drug Review, Winsight Grocery, Progressive Grocer, Tree Hugger, Thrive Global, Inc and American Express Open Forum. The ROI of PR was tracked through media impressions and total number of placements. Prior to working with us they had no media features and a brand that just launched in the US market in the San Francisco region and Amazon. After working with us Good Idea had 58 media features go live

with a reach of 404,673,981 unique visitors. Page views per month for their new website is 15,930 which is attributed from our PR work.

In addition, to managing their public relations and marketing strategy we managed their influencer program where we would work with influencers in the health and wellness space to do a product review. Strategies in the media campaign included Diabetes Awareness Month, Holiday Gift Guides, New Product Launches and managing influencer meet ups for the brand with influencers.

To support client recognition we are constantly in contact with industry publications and writers and because of that Good Idea was awarded by Prevention Magazine for their mago flavor Healthy

Package Food Award .

In addition, to earned media we managed driving press to visit their booth at Expo West and managed an influencer marketing event at Today’s Dietician in Austin, Texas. Prior to Expo West we reached out to key influencers that were attending Expo West and shared with them information about Good Idea Drinks and asked them to stop by our booth. From our outreach 6 media members and influencers came to our booth which caused a key relationship with a retail partner.

To further support marketing efforts we managed the content on their website through outlining 4 blog posts a month that represented key topics their consumers were searching on Google. Their blog content was also syndicated through our media outreach and other bloggers and writers in the health and wellness space shared their content too which drove traffic back to the companies website.

Prior to Good Idea working with Publicity For Good they were a new beverage company that had launched 4 new flavors with distribution in San Francisco and Amazon. In 1 year they reached 404,673,981 people through 58 media interviews and features. They went from being a new product to a product trendsetter featured in their featured story New Nutrition Business with the story title: Good Idea Drinks is a trend setter sparkling water with a twist a new idea to curb blood sugar spikes!

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