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Esprit de She,” meaning, the “Spirit of Her,” is the inspiration and heart of the Gildan Esprit de She event series. Whether you’re a decorated athlete, fitness trainer, or exercise amateur, this community will welcome and embrace you with open arms. Gildan Esprit de She was an event series of Life Time Fitness held in 10 markets across the United States in locations which already had established Life Time Fitness locations.

The Challenge

Life Time Fitness had already been a well established brand in Columbus, Ohio when they decided to launch the event. Despite this brand awareness, the first year of any new race or series is always a major undertaking. From messaging, launching a brand ambassador program, pitching traditional media to secure interviews and coverage, and ensuring all event calendar listings in the local market are updated and correct – the company needed to find a firm who could take on the challenge and run with it!


Rather than going with a traditional PR firm that approached each campaign the same way, Lifetime Fitness decided to go with Publicity For Good. The combination of using new and innovative approach to PR to include grassroots efforts, amplification of social media, and influencer building combined with the insights of Columbus native owner made Publicity for Good the perfect fit for success.


When compared to similar campaigns for other Lifetime event races in other markets, Publicity for Good was able to secure more media placed for the inaugural year in Columbus than its competitor agencies who were working legacy events. Key media results include:

  • ●  3 TV Segments (1.2M impressions)
  • ●  8 Radio PSA (3.4M impressions)
  • ●  2 Newspapers (174k impressions)
  • ●  5 Brand Ambassadors (265K impressions)
  • ●  11 Radio Interviews (4.7M impressions)
  • ●  16 Web Listings (26M+ impressions)


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