310 Nutrition

Company: 310 Nutrition Established: 2012 Description: Lifestyle health and nutrition-focused brand Founders: Tim Sharif Head Office: Los Angeles, CA Industry: Health and Wellness Website: https://310nutrition.com/ About: 310 Nutrition is a health and nutrition-focused lifestyle brand founded by serial entrepreneur, Tim Sharif. The brand provides health supplements free of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and controversial ingredients. Their […]

Eco Lips

Company: Eco Lips Established: 2003 Description: The original organic lip balm brand Founders: CEO, Steve Shriver Head Office: Marion, IA Industry: Beauty, personal care Website: https://ecolips.com/ About: Founded in 2003, Eco Lips is the original organic lip balm. They manufacture the best USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified™ lip care products FOR the world using […]

Flying Embers

Company: Flying Embers Established: 2018 Description Hand-Crafted Hard Kombucha Founder: Bill Moses Head Office: Ventura, CA Industry: Alcoholic Beverages Website: https://flyingembers.com/ About: Flying Embers is a hand-crafted hard kombucha beverage brand developed and launched by Fermented Sciences Inc., a leading innovation lab whose mission is to provide thought leadership in transforming the alcohol industry with […]

Good Idea Drinks

Company: Good Idea Drinks Established: 2017 Description: Functional Sparkling Water Founders: Rickard and Bjorn Oste Head Office:  Mill Valley, CA Industry: Beverage Website: https://goodideadrinks.com/en/ About: Good Idea Drinks addresses one of today´s major health challenges by being an attractive and functional, unsweetened alternative to sugary sodas.  Good Idea is naturally flavored sparkling water with a […]

Getting the Bang for Your Buck: 5 Ways to Monetize PR

“Can I really increase my revenue with PR?” This is probably one of the unanswered questions that are preventing a number of businesses from doing public relations to promote their brands. The reality is this: Unless you commission in-depth consumer research to ask buyers why they purchased your product, it’s tricky to establish direct causation […]

Key Components That Make An Article Rank On Google

Identify Which Keywords/Queries are Producing Most of the Negative Results Not all keywords that a client would be targeting will produce negative results on Google’s first page. One of the most important steps for reputation management SEO is to find out which specific terms/queries and combinations thereof produce the most negative links for a client. […]

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