Arden’s Garden Is Set to Reopen Their Landmark Sandy Springs Store Branch


Arden’s Garden will be celebrating the grand reopening of their landmark Sandy Springs store branch in time for National Nutrition Month

WHO: Arden’s Garden, one of the country’s top cold-pressed juice manufacturers known for their exceptionally healthy fruit juices, smoothies, cleanses and plant-based foods that have given many people easy access to their daily nutrition and vitamin needs.

WHAT: Arden’s Garden’s Sandy Springs branch has graced the community for several years, offering healthy cold-pressed juices and plant-based food to consumers all around. This location will also feature an all new plant-based wrap and bowl station – a new concept for the brand. Their store will be celebrating a grand reopening with a new and improved look on March 20, 2023. In celebration of their grand reopening, they will hold a variety of fun activities and offers including:

  1. Spin the Wheel where participants can win various prizes in the form of free Arden’s Garden goodies and offers
  2. A sampler table where participants can learn more about cleansing and partake in small bites of Arden’s Garden’s Peanut Butter Energy Bites, Fuzzy Kisses, Chocolate Almond Bites and Hazelnut Brownie Bites
  3. Free juice, which includes their Yoga 1 cold-pressed vegetable juice or their Passion Fruit Turmeric Defense cold-pressed fruit juice, both of which come in 15oz juice bottles
  4. A gift card giveaway, entitling 2 lucky winners to a $250 gift card to Arden’s Garden products – winners will be announced at 1PM and 3PM

WHEN: Arden’s Garden is set to have a grand reopening event of their Sandy Springs branch on March 20th, 2023 just in time to welcome everyone to National Nutrition Month. The grand reopening will commence from 11AM to 3PM where guests are welcome to partake in free juice and fun activities. Afterwards, the community is still more than welcome to stay and continue to enjoy the branch’s brand-new look until their official closing time. 

WHERE: The reopening of the Arden’s Garden branch will be located at 218 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Sandy Springs, Georgia.

WHY: Arden’s Garden has long strived to provide accessible health and nutrition to the general public. They’re most known for being an oasis of health in areas considered to be deserts deprived of good, healthy food. Since its inception, Arden’s Garden has helped countless people get their everyday dose of health, proper nutrition, and vitality.

Arden’s Garden is a cold-pressed juice

About Arden’s Garden

Arden’s Garden is a cold-pressed juice and plant-based food company that’s on a mission to deliver the healthiest and most nutritionally dense products to consumers. With an undying passion for health, nutrition, and fitness, Arden’s Garden has allowed every fiber of its being to produce the purest fruit and vegetable juices available in the market through its highly regulated cold-pressing method. As a brand, it has a long-standing commitment to making health a convenient choice for all consumers — all driven by Arden Zinn’s undying love for sharing the secrets of good health with the greater community. Under the management of the Zinn family, Arden’s Garden has flourished into a highly successful brand delivering healthful and substantial juices, smoothies, and food for everyone’s pleasure.
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