Brands We Work With

Brands We Work With

Gutsii funky swiss chocolate packed with prebiotics and fiber for a healthy gut. Inspired and named after some of the worlds greatest musicians: Raspberry Rhapsody, Pinksalt Floyd Rocks and Mint Puffdaddii. First launched in Australia in 2015 and is now available in the U.S. On a mission to inspire health and wellness lovers to heal and nourish their body with a functional food product that doesn’t compromise their lifestyle and food choices. To rock the standard American diet and bring Australia’s foodie culture and Europe’s old school quality to the US and bring fun and pleasure back to food.

Brought together by passion for health and wellness and business for good, the Gutsii team filled a gap in the industry by offering products that weren’t found in the stores. Gutsii came to Publicity For Good to increase brand awareness of a new product in a new country and marketplace.

Gutsii started their journey with Publicity For Good January 1, 2019 and as of May, we have secured 22 live pieces of coverage reaching over 4,482,066 people. With over 40 media opportunities in progress. Brand placements have been secured through media campaigns around awareness weeks and days, consistent media outreach to top national media, and securing influencer events. Media awareness campaigns that we managed includes: Valentines Day, March Nutrition Month, Women’s Health Week, and Holiday Gift Guide Reviews. Publicity For Good increases brand awareness by studying the media, trends, media listening through google alerts and news, and staying up to speed on current research.

Publicity For Good has developed relationships with Forbes, Eat This Not That, Women’s & Men’s Health Magazine, Woman’s Day Australia, National Examiner, Moore, Brit+Co Bella Magazine, and top Food industry media.

Publicity For Good is on a Mission