Holy Kombucha

Holy Kombucha is an independent, family-run company that’s endured the various highs and lows of both business and family life. This family-run business blossomed into a thriving beverage empire with a passion for good and celebrating the “holy” in each of us. Their advocacy has since developed into a passion to spread awareness for mental health and teen suicide after its owners suffered it firsthand in the death of their child. Holy Kombucha sought the help of Publicity For Good to spread awareness about mental health and suicide, all while adding visibility to both its mission and brand.

In 2021, Holy Kombucha partnered with the Hope Squad in order to further spread awareness for mental health and suicide. Holy Kombucha’s advocacy plays a central role in adding to its visibility. Many of our publications and press features for Holy Kombucha focus on mental health matters, suicide prevention, and how Holy Kombucha and the Hope Squad aid in alleviating this nationwide concern. So naturally, Publicity For Good sought out opportunities with major news, TV, national, digital, beverage and print media outlets, as well as food bloggers to focus on the pressing issue of mental health and suicide. 

Publicity For Good and Holy Kombucha had a fruitful three-month-long relationship which spawned a series of media opportunities with news outlets that highlighted the importance of mental health and teen suicide. We were able to provide extensive coverage for both Holy Kombucha, and their partner for advocacy, The Hope Squad. We were able to secure a total of 19 media opportunities for Holy Kombucha, 5 of which are already live and 4 currently scheduled. Holy Kombucha’s live media accumulated a reach of over 5.5 million media impressions in its target audience. Publicity For Good and Holy Kombucha’s media opportunities included features in Great Day SA – KENS-TV, KDVR-TV, News Channel 8 WFLA and KFDX-TV. We also featured the brand on our own news website, Good Side News as well as our social media pagesto provide additional coverage for the brand. We were also able to accumulate 51 product requests for Holy Kombucha and were able to send out a total of 2 product samples to BuzzFeed and USA Today. All in all, our media opportunities have a total value of approximately $2.4M.

Publicity For Good’s partnership with Holy Kombucha is undoubtedly beneficial to transforming Holy Kombucha from a simple beverage brand to a brand with a purpose. Leveraging on their own experience with mental illness and suicide, Holy Kombucha has gained visibility to aid in educating the public of the dangers of mental illness as well as nourishing individuals with their premium kombucha products.

Services Offered:

  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • On-air TV segments
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Round-ups  and listicles
  • Blogger seeding 
  • Awareness Day campaigns 
  • Product launch strategy 
  • Industry & trade media relations 
  • Regional press to support retailers


Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 19 including Great Day SA – KENS-TV, KDVR-TV, News Channel 8 WFLA, Buzzfeed, Forbes Online, HuffPost, Bustle and KFDX-TV
  • Total Live Links: 5, 4 scheduled
  • Audience Reach: 5.5B+
  • Products Sent: 2
  • Publicity Value: $2.4M

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