Lindsay Huelse/The Fitt Cycle

Services Offered:

  • Media Relations
  • TV press  tour
  • Local press
  • Press Support
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Digital and Traditional PR
  • Expert Interviews

Impact Achieved

  • Consumers Engaged: 4.12B
  • 21 live media features with a variety of media outlets including MSN, Authority Magazine,  US news and World Report, WTOP, WGVU Morning Show, Bloom TV-WFLA, LMTOnline, Houston Chronicle, The Fox Magazine, AZ Family, Thrive Global, EIN Presswire, PA Live, Yolo Daily, 105.9 The Region, Good Side News and PRLog

Lindsay Huelse is an entrepreneur, fitness expert and founder and CEO of The Fitt Cycle exercise and nutrition app. Through her platform, she’s helped countless women achieve their fitness goals and aided them in losing fat through cycling carbs. Her app, The Fitt Cycle, has also served as a community for fitness enthusiasts which Lindsay has used to encourage women to focus on their fitness by helping them build sustainable fitness regimens that fit their lifestyle and specific needs. Lindsay Huelse approached Publicity For Good with the challenge of increasing the number of paid clients for her app and making The Fitt Cycle a household name in fitness optimization and, by extension, positioning Lindsay as a renowned fitness expert and recognizable player in the fitness industry.

To achieve this, we focused our attention on booking media opportunities with well-known women’s and fitness publications and other relevant online platforms and personalities. We also leveraged certain awareness days and months to increase Lindsay’s and The Fitt Cycle relevance during these critical periods.

During its campaign with Lindsay and The Fitt Cycle, Publicity For Good was able to book 21 live media opportunities across a variety of online, radio, TV and print media, with the majority of them being online publications. Lindsay Huelse and the Fitt Cycle’s campaign was able to achieve a reach of over 4.12 billion media impressions. These opportunities include features in MSN, Authority Magazine, US News and World Report, Thrive Global, The Fox Magazine, Bloom TV-WFLA, PRLog and the Houston Chronicle among others.  


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