Real Oyster Cult

Real Oyster Club or ROC is the product of Rob Knecht and Sims McCormick’s love for celebrations, parties, and of course, the almighty Oyster. Their app has allowed people across the United States to acquire some of the best Atlantic and Pacific oysters and have them delivered right to their doorstep. They sought Publicity For Good’s help with making ROC a household name for National Tequila day and creating visibility leading up to National Oyster Day.

Publicity For Good identified media opportunities that would allow Real Oyster Cult to leverage its reputation for being a party and celebration brand in time for National Oyster Day and National Tequila Day. We sought out various media outlets involved in food, lifestyle, and celebration to highlight Real Oyster Cult’s unique farm-to-table offers to make them a household name for oyster delivery. Publicity For Good also utilized its own platform, Good Side News, to directly associate the brand with National Tequila Day by sharing stories of its founders and their unique offers.

Publicity For Good’s 19-month-long relationship with Real Oyster Cult secured a total of 103 media opportunities and collected an estimated reach of over 27.7 billion in its target audience. We were able to secure top-tier media coverage from Business Insider, Forbes’ Real Food/Fake Food, ForbesLife, Eat This, Not That!, Medium and Insider. We also secured opportunities with several digital lifestyle outlets, including Yahoo! Life, MSN, Better Homes and Gardens, Delish, GQ, and Food52 among many others.

Overall, Publicity For Good had a fruitful relationship with Real Oyster Cult. We were able to reach an impressive audience that can provide Real Oyster Cult the recognition they deserve to become a household name for farm-to-table oyster delivery. Publicity For Good’s campaign for Real Oyster Cult produced several features linking the brand to parties and celebrations, all in time for National Oyster and National Tequila Day.

Services Offered:

  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • Virtual Press junket  
  • Holiday Gift Guides
  • Media Tour for National Oyster Day
  • Product Reviews
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