Services Offered:

  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Round-ups and listicles
  • Blogger seeding
  • Awareness Day campaigns 

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 25 including Authority Magazine, Buzzfeed, All Beautiful Mommies, Oracle Magazine, Feminine Road Map, A Dime Saved and many others
  • Total Live Links: 19
  • Audience Reach: 3.57B
  • Product Requests: 77
  • Products Sent: 8
  • Publicity Value: $2.5M

Santhigram is an organization dedicated to introducing the medicinal art of Ayurveda and Yoga to the public in the hope that these alternative methods of healthcare can be part of mainstream medicine. Divided into three bodies, Santhigram Foundation, Santhigram Wellness and Santhigram Herbals. All of which are active in educating the public as well as offering Ayurvedic services and products for public use.

Santhigram Foundation sought the help of Publicity For Good so they can be positioned as the leading advocate and pioneer in evidence-based research in Ayurveda and Yoga. In addition, the brand also desired to acquire exposure for the launch of their Global Online Ayurveda Library (G.O.A.L.). 

In achieving this challenge, it was important for us to secure opportunities for Santhigram that can help feature them as experts in evidence-based research, Ayurveda and Yoga. As such, expert interviews and features are critical in major medical, health, lifestyle and scientific publications so more people in these relevant industries are aware of Santhigram’s mission to treat Ayurveda as a complementary system to the current model of healthcare. It was also relevant to introduce or feature Santhigram in key awareness days such as National Relaxation Day, National Yoga Awareness Month, Emotional Wellness Month, World Mental Health Day and National Ayurveda Day among many others. We were also successful in crafting a number of news releases for their various herbal products and for the launch of their G.O.A.L. Library. We were also able to generate visual content for Santhigram which we syndicated across a variety of digital channels and social media platforms. Through our outreaching efforts, we were able to secure product reviews as well for Santhigram’s herbal products from major publications such as Authority Magazine and a number of other digital media outlets

In the 8 months that we have been working, Publicity For Good has successfully secured 21 media opportunities, 17 of which are already live. Our live coverage has already accumulated a total reach of over 3.57 billion media impressions and include features in publications such as Authority Magazine, Buzzfeed, All Beautiful Mommies, Oracle Magazine, Feminine Road Map, A Dime Saved and many others. In addition, we were also able to send out a total of 8 product samples from Santhigram to media members for thoughts and reviews. In total, we were able to collect a total publicity value of over $2.5 million for Santhigram.

In the span of our campaign, Santhigram was able to enjoy media exposure that allowed them to share their Ayurveda expertise and how they use evidence-based research to feature Ayurveda as an acceptable and effective supplement to the current healthcare system. Additionally, their products under Santhigram Herbals were featured in an abundance of lists and feature articles that comprehensively states their effectiveness and the science behind their products and methods. Finally, Santhigram was able to enjoy being featured in Jet TV, a travel and lifestyle show with an audience of 1.7M weekly viewers, airing nationally in 210 US and 11 international TV markets.


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