Sarah Bowmar

Services Offered:

  • Listicles and Round-Ups
  • Television and Radio Guestings
  • Thought Leadership
  • Retail Press Engagement
  • Product Reviews
  • Digital and Traditional PR

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 93 including Eat This, Not That, Thrive Global, MSN, Sirius XM, Authority Magazine, U.S. News & World Report and Well+Good and many others
  • Total Live Links: 585
  • Audience Reach: 2.45B
  • Publicity Value: $4.7M

Sarah Bowmar is a certified nutritionist, registered dietician, fitness expert, entrepreneur and altruist who founded the supplements and nutrition brand, Bowmar Nutrition and Bowman Archery. Sarah Bowmar, through her many efforts to improve the community’s health and fitness has given back to many in the form of donations to a variety of communities and causes including veterans and distributing meals to over 30,000 families in African Countries such as Mozambique and South Africa. To add to giving back, Bowman Archery runs on the mission of silencing illegal poaching through ethical hunting methods.

Sarah Bowmar approached Publicity For Good with the goal of establishing herself as well as her brands as industry authority figures by recognizing them as experts and specialists in their field. To do this, we heavily leveraged on Sarah Bowmar’s extensive expertise in the fields of nutrition and fitness. Her experience as a certified nutritionist and registered dietitian were critical in securing media opportunities in key outlets so that Sarah can be positioned as a credible thought leader to her target audience. By focusing on local, regional and national media covering the topics of business, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, we were able to elevate Sarah Bowmar and her brands so that she can gain the status and recognition she aspired for.

Our may months of campaigning resulted in a total of 93 media opportunities for the Sarah Bowmar brand, 85 of which area already live. These opportunities included features in major outlets such as Eat This, Not That, Thrive Global, MSN, Sirius XM, Authority Magazine, U.S. News & World Report and Well+Good. In total, we were able to achieve a reach of over 2.45 billion media impressions. The features we collected included media interviews and articles that showcased Sarah Bowmar’s extensive knowledge on the topics of nutrition, fitness and business. The total publicity value we achieved for Sarah Bowmar reached an estimate of more than $4.7 million.

Through our efforts, Sarah Bowmar’s reputation as a certified nutritionist and fitness expert was bolstered, helping her other brands in the process. Sarah Bowmar herself expressed that since attaining media notoriety, she’s enjoyed an increase not just in share of voice but of people reaching out to her for expert fitness advice.


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