Social Impact Fest Offers Southwest Entrepreneurs a Chance to Win Business Exposure

The first-ever Social Impact Fest is bringing together Southwest entrepreneurs to celebrate success, support social impact and encourage development in San Diego, CA. The event invites business owners who are making a difference—by putting purpose over profit—to enjoy local San Diego fare; gain exposure to like-minded entrepreneurs; learn from expert speakers; and take part in a fast-paced pitch competition for … Read More

What Does Purpose Focused or Purpose Driven PR Mean?

Publicity for Good describes itself as a purpose focused PR firm. What??? Really, what is all this purpose stuff and why should it matter to me when I am looking for a PR firm? For us, at Publicity for Good, purpose is about companies and clients who want to do more with their business than just make money.

5 Things to Look For When Selecting a PR Firm

Searching for a vendor or partner to provide services to your company is never an easy choice. There are many considerations when looking at who to bring on board to work closely with you and your team to achieve short and long term objectives. Generally, there are two types of engagements you will enter into with a firm.

Why You Must Amplify PR (and 5 Easy Steps to Take)

Your PR team just confirmed that you are booked for a segment this Friday on the top rated morning show in your market to discuss a project that you are both personally passionate about, and will have an impact on your business. This is the type of press that you have been wanting for a long time and you are … Read More