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Contractor Growth Network or CGN is a marketing and growth agency for small residential contractors that offers marketing and sales services necessary for contractors to grow their business. They work exclusively with contractors and have helped many contractors grow their businesses to scale to over a million in annual revenue and beyond.

CGN is born out of Logan Shinholser’s passion to help contractors take control of their businesses and their lives. Logan’s firsthand experience growing up as the son of a contractor has granted him access to very intimate trade secrets that differentiates contractors that succeed from those who don’t.  Observing how his father built his contracting business and witnessing his wins and losses gives him an understanding of how difficult it can be to run a contracting business.

Watching his father’s struggles firsthand kindled a passion to help contractors build healthy and thriving businesses that can still permit them and their families to lead lives that they deserve. His unique understanding of the industry and background in sales and marketing has allowed him to bridge the gap between best practices in marketing and what the average contractor needs to get through a day.

This intimate experience with contractors and the construction industry is also what drives CGN to work exclusively with residential contractors. Instead of spreading themselves out too thinly across industries, CGN opted for a more focused approach that can bring success to members of the industry they know best and by heart — Contractor Growth Network for Pitching.

CGN has also made its expertise available for public use through its website’s blog and YouTube Channel where they regularly feature nuggets of advice that are beneficial to contractors and business owners in general. Their success and expertise in helping grow residential contracting companies has also granted them inclusion in Inc’s 5000 Fastest Growing American Companies.

Logan and CGN are removing the confusion in marketing and simplifying it so it’s easily approachable and digestible even to the simplest or smallest of residential contractors. Instead of reinventing the wheel, CGN closely works with its clients to discover what makes them amazing in their own regard — Contractor Growth Network for Pitching.

CGN is dedicated to giving contractors the kind of success that they need that can allow their businesses to grow, earn more money and grant its owners the time and resources they need to live the lives they deserve.

Learn more about CGN through their website, or follow their YouTube Channel.

About Contractor Growth Network
Contractor Growth Network or CGN is a highly regarded marketing company that works exclusively with residential contractors to generate qualified leads and apply marketing best practices to land jobs and earn millions more in revenue. CGN is founded through Logan Shinholser’s passion to help contractors reliably grow their businesses and lives using effective marketing. Growing up watching his father’s contracting business succeed has helped Logan discover what contractors need in order to succeed given the heavy demands business owners are faced with on a daily basis. CGN has been included in Inc.’s 5000 fastest-growing American Companies in 2022 for their success in growing small residential contractors.

Contractor Growth Network (CGN) is giving small residential contractors the type of growth they need in order to earn and save more money and gain more time to give them and their families the life they deserve.

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