Dignity Coconuts Selects Publicity For Good as its PR Agency of Record


<Morganton, NC> (November 3, 2022) — Dignity Coconuts, purpose-driven coconut oil brand has officially selected multi-awarded PR agency, Publicity For Good (PFG, as its brand new Publication Relations Agency of Record.

Dignity Coconuts was established by its owners’ drive and passion to provide jobs and regain the dignity of individuals suffering from abject poverty. The brand found its place of operation in the remote province of Bicol in the Philippines. Through their efforts, they’ve provided fair wages and career opportunities to locals in the area who suffer daily from poverty and the looming thought of feeling less than everyone simply because they lack skills, knowledge and opportunities.

As of 2021, Dignity Coconuts has employed over 121 individuals and has partnered with over 156 farming families in the local community. All of their operations are locally led by the Filipinos they employ, empowering the members of the community to run a thriving business. In the region of Bicol, Dignity Coconuts has secured more than 86,000 coconut trees through a partnership with the small farming communities that suffered from poverty and debt that owned it. The partnership allowed the community to begin and grow a life-altering coconut oil enterprise and a partnership that provides them with fair wages and equal opportunities.

Through their proprietary extraction method, Dignity Coconuts prides itself for having the most densely nutritious and pure raw coconut oil in the global market. Since it’s founding, Dignity Coconuts has scaled itself enough to work with a local team that provides additional community development efforts such as life-skills workshops, financial literacy mentorship, health clinics and services and the provision of clean-water kits.

Dignity Coconuts has continued to provide and support the community from where it operates. As a nation often affected by natural disasters, Dignity Coconuts consistently gives back to communities in need and provides relief support to areas affected by common calamities such as typhoons.

Taking the reins of Dignity Coconuts PR Efforts is Heather Holmes, formerly Heather DeSantis. Heather is an award-winning publicist and is the founder and CEO of Publicity For Good. Having helped over 200 purpose-driven brands find success through PR, there’s none better suited to advocate for Dignity Coconuts than the woman behind America’s top PR agency for purpose-driven CPG brands. 

To find out more about Heather, PFG and their work, you may visit their website at www.publicityforgood.com.

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