Good Idea Drinks

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Company: Good Idea Drinks
Established: 2017
Description: Functional Sparkling Water
Founders: Rickard and Bjorn Oste
Head Office:  Mill Valley, CA
Industry: Beverage

Good Idea Drinks addresses one of today´s major health challenges by being an attractive and functional, unsweetened alternative to sugary sodas.  Good Idea is naturally flavored sparkling water with a blend of five amino acids and chromium proven to balance healthy people´s blood sugar, curb sugar cravings, and make weight loss both healthier and more sustainable. 

Good Idea is the only mealtime beverage on the US market with a blend of amino acids and chromium proven to balance blood sugar levels. Good Idea flavors include Lemon-Lime, Dragon Fruit, and Orange Mango. Completely un-sweetened with zero sugars, zero sweeteners, zero calories, and zero caffeine. Good Idea Drinks is founded by Bjorn Oste world leader in oat milk since 1994, is the co-founder of Oatly.

Drink Good Idea® before, and with your meal for best blood sugar balancing effect.

Press Releases:
Swedish Sugar Buster Launches In The US
Mealtime Beverage, Good Idea, Contains Necessary Mineral for Weight Loss
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