Holiday Gift Guide for Babies


Here at Publicity For Good, we support and work exclusively with purpose-driven, mission-oriented CPG brands in food, beverage, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Be an agent of change and help make your community and the world a better place by supporting these brands — Holiday Gift Guide for Babies.

It’s great to start off your kids early by introducing them to world-changing and community-supporting brands. Help give your kids a kind and giving heart with these heart-centered, purpose-driven baby and family brands. Sometimes it can be hard to find excellent products from earth and community-minded individuals, so we did the work for you, now you can give the gift of heart this holiday season to the families you hold dear.

For Fashion Forward Families

Here we’ve set aside some of our favorite kids’ fashion boutiques that your little prince and princess will absolutely adore. Fill them with passion and purpose early on by introducing them to these brands.

Generation Joy Apparel

Generation Joy girl's cloth in purple color

Generation Joy Apparel is a children’s clothing brand that takes clothing technology and innovation to a new level. With the insight that kids’ clothes are some of the easiest to get worn out or disposed of as kids grow older, Generation Joy has sought for ways to extend the lifespan and usability of their clothing so kids and parents can enjoy their clothes for longer, as well as reduce waste while doing so.

The brand has used various innovative clothing technologies that allow kids to “grow with” their clothes instead of out of them. And with the use of better fabrics, reversible designs and reinforced stitching and patching on high-stress areas, their kids’ clothes are unmatched in longevity.

They hold a vast selection of essential kids’ clothing for both boys, and girls and a number of unisex options as well that are perfect for ages 4 up to 14.

Check out Generation Joy Apparel

Stout House Cloth Diapers

Stout House cloth diaper in animal print

Stout House Cloth Diapers have worked on its business with a single thing in mind — creating a better tomorrow for the planet and its people. Stout House is a manufacturer of reusable cloth diapers, which they proudly market as “built different”. They pride themselves on creating reusable diapers that are as inclusive as possible with pricing that’s highly accessible — creating a business model that values people, communities, friends and families over profits. Stout House has helped offset our carbon footprint and in 2021 alone, the brand has offset over 352,000 pounds of carbon, with just the simple use of sustainably manufactured cloth diapers.

Their store hosts a collection of masterfully crafted and designed cloth diapers that babies, toddlers and parents will enjoy. Along with their cloth diapers, they also offer a handful of bags and containers for any parent’s diaper-emergency needs during travel.

Check out Stout House Cloth Diapers 


You can never move too early when preparing for a child’s needs. Check out some of these brands to help out your pregnant friends and let them know they, as well as their child, matter to you.


HoneyBug baby burp cloth and accessories

HoneyBug is a children’s essentials brand that’s seeking to reinvent how we shop for kids and give gifts. The brand houses a collection of classic and novel kids’ essentials from baby and kids’ toys to high-quality clothing and accessories. The brand has a strong dedication to working and prioritizing acquiring from brands that practice ethical sourcing, sustainable and organic production, community involvement, fair business practices and is a staunch supporter of female-owned and independent businesses. That said, over 80% of the brands they house meet their high standard for impact.

HoneyBug houses every item any new or expecting mom will find in their list of baby needs. They have a vast collection of toys, clothes, accessories and other essentials from various purpose-driven brands which will be sent out to you, specially gift-wrapped for that extra touch. What’s more, customers can enjoy a 10% discount each time they build a HoneyBug Box containing all a parent’s needs from pregnancy to pre-school.

Check out HoneyBug

Bella Tunno 

Bella Tunno food container for babies

We’ve never lacked love and adoration for B-Corp-certified companies at Publicity For Good. Bella Tunno is one such brand that not only offers quality products but does its part in improving the world we live in. In its essence, Bella Tunno is a brand by moms, for moms with the intention of feeding a hungry child, and taking steps to end world hunger. It’s their mission to make parenting easier, more fun and meaningful by offering great products that serve a grand purpose.

Being a mom-founded corporation, Bella Tunno has got new moms and parents covered with a vast selection of feeding and eating essentials including sippy cups, teethers, bibs, utensils, plates and so much more. Revel in the knowledge that while you’re feeding your little one, you’ll also be feeding a little one in need.

Check out Bella Tunno

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