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Just Jai Wear champions life, fitness and health through fashionable athleisure and aiding in breast cancer and mental health initiatives.

May 19, 2023, Atlanta, GAJai-Leta Colvard founded her athleisure brand, Just Jai Wear, with one mission in mind: To encourage women to adopt healthier, active lifestyles through stylish fitness apparel. Today, Just Jai is among one of the leading brands in female athleisure, even landing an inclusion in Macy’s Top 10 Apparel Brands in Essence Magazine and is admired by celebrities, musicians and everyday women alike. Beyond clothing, however, the brand and its founder are staunch advocates for mental health awareness and breast cancer support.

Breast cancer is easily the most common form of cancer apparent in women around the globe. Countless women suffer its lasting effects and many have also had their lives taken prematurely due to the illness. Moreover, mental health is in a state of emergency, made even more critical following the global pandemic. Just Jai Wear actively supports and donates to organizations dedicated to uplifting the lives of cancer patients as well as those suffering from mental distress. In fact, one of the ways the brand supported homebound individuals during the pandemic is the release of “sleep pretty” loungewear that helps women relax, meditate and quell anxiety.

Following her own struggles with mental health, Jai-Leta launched a non-profit organization she called Space of Grace Inc., which provides support and resources for people burdened with anxiety and depression. Furthermore, she’s earned herself a Silver Star this year for 25 years of committed community service.

In its essence, Just Jai Wear is an empowerment brand that supports women across their holistic health journey to encourage them to nurture and appreciate their health. Through her business, initiatives and philanthropy, Jai-Leta and her brand, Just Jai Wear, are valuable and important figures in the fashion industry in the fight against declining physical and mental health in the nation.

Just Jai Wear is an brand apparel that good for fitness.

About Just Jai Wear

Just Jai Wear is a brand committed to encouraging, motivating and inspiring the community to shape their lives with fitness and good health in mind. It believes in empowering women by embracing positive energy, love and teamwork. With the brand’s gear, Just Jai hopes to magnify women’s desires around the globe to be at their best level of fitness possible. Just Jai Wear is also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and breast cancer awareness, actively taking steps in helping organizations and spearheading initiatives dedicated to supporting and providing resources to persons afflicted with mental distress and breast cancer.

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