Sugar-free, gluten-free and food inclusivity bakeshop, Love, Liv, has announced Publicity For Good as its official public relations agency of record.


Sugar-free, gluten-free and food inclusivity bakeshop, Love, Liv, has announced Publicity For Good as its official public relations agency of record.

<Morganton, NC> (03/07/23) — Woman and mother-owned cookie brand, Love, Liv, has officially listed Publicity For Good as its agency of record and will oversee its public relations efforts.

Love, Liv is a brand that stemmed from a mother’s desire to give her daughter to enjoy a childhood where she can freely enjoy good and safe snacks. Having a personal struggle watching her daughter battle Type 1 Diabetes, Sarah, founder of Love, Liv, sought to find a way to ensure that her daughter need not struggle with a diet that stifled her ability to enjoy her childhood. As such, she and Olivia created a way for everyone to safely enjoy a sweet life, without the extra sugar.

Going far beyond a gluten-free and sugar-free food brand, Love, Liv wants to embody the spirit of Liv and Type 1 Diabetes warriors. The brand continues to advocate for food inclusivity across the food industry and seeks to inspire parents to seek out better options for their children that are delicious, nutritious and fun. Having dietary restrictions shouldn’t hinder parents from giving their children a memorable childhood. And Love, Liv wants to prove it by providing that better option.

Similar to Love, Liv, Publicity For Good is a mother-owned brand that’s on a mission to make the world a better place by supporting purpose-driven brands across the world through impactful public relations. Led by highly sought-after and award-winning publicist Heather Holmes (formerly DeSantis), Publicity For Good will be taking the lead in providing highly targeted and strategic efforts to ensure that Love, Liv can create the impact it needs to create ripples of change to normalize food inclusivity.

Love, Liv will be joining over 200 purpose-driven brands that Heather has helped grow into industry leaders. With an inspiring and powerful story born out of a mother’s love and dedication, Love, Liv undoubtedly has the potential to achieve its goals and continue to transform the lives of children in the community.

To learn more about Heather, Publicity For Good and their work, visit their website at

Love, Liv Bakeshop give a snacks to children to enjoy.

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