Our Favorite Beauty Brands For You This Holiday Season


Who doesn’t want to primp up and look great? But with the endless amount of options out there, it’s hard to pick out the most perfect thing to give as a gift.

This holiday season, give your friends and loved ones the gift of glam with these purpose-driven beauty brands and products.

We’ve done the research for you and we’ve come up with the definitive guide on the best purpose-driven beauty products you can pick up this holiday season.

As a bonus, Publicity For Good works exclusively with purpose-driven brands. So not only are you giving the gift of beauty, you’re also giving your loved ones the chance to make the world better by just being glamorous


At a loss for what to give your friends to help them feel glamorous? Then go for the essentials that can make them look and feel fabulous! Check out some of these purpose-driven cosmetics and beauty experts


Mustela body lotion

Mustela is the first French family-owned brand ever to receive a B-corp certification. They are most known as every new parent’s favorite baby beauty brand. With a menu consisting of gentle skincare products with all-natural ingredients, they’re a wellspring of goods for both newborn babies and families. As a B-corporation, Mustela is dedicated to maintaining their 100% responsible plant supply chains and their use of 100% green electricity from renewable sources with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The B-Corp certified them as a brand that may not be the “best in the world’ but a brand that’s “the best for the world”.

Mustela holds an extensive selection of skincare and beauty products appropriate for families, kids and newborns. Their staunch adherence to the use of all-natural products has made them one of the most-loved brands for kids and families in the world.

Check out Mustela

The Body Shop

The Body Shop bath kit

The Body Shop is a globally recognized brand of beauty, cosmetics and skin care products that was established in 1976. Beyond a beauty brand, however, The Body Shop has established itself as a leader in ethical and sustainable global initiatives, following a Triple Bottom Line Business model that promises its consumers that however they help the company, they’ll be helping the greater good for the community and the planet as well.

The Body Shop has received its B-Corp status for the multitude of initiatives it’s taken to achieve its goal of becoming a totally regenerative business with no negative impact with net zero emissions. To add to this, The Body Shop also supports a wide range of causes which include supporting the LGBT community, fighting against animal testing, support for the Black Lives Matter movement and many more.

As a beauty brand, they house a wide range of beauty, hair and skin care products including a vast selection of soaps, shampoos, fragrances, oils and other beauty and care essentials. Many of their goods are on sale now that the holidays are upon us, so now is the best time to introduce your loved one to this spectacular purpose-driven brand.

Check out The Body Shop


Who says an obsession with beauty should come at a cost? These brands have made it a point to offer people the gift of beauty, all while preserving the earth we have and the communities that make it up. Give your friends a purpose-driven beauty upgrade by picking up some of these amazing companies 

Like many of the brands listed here, Dr. Bronner is a certified B-Corp. Dr. Bronner has been ranked in the top 10% of other certified corporations in all impact areas for sustainability. The soap manufacturer has been recognized for their work in regenerative and organic agriculture. As of one of their initiatives, they actively involve themselves in educating their farming partners and communities to optimize their operations and implement CO2-removing farming methods. 

Dr. Bronner’s offers a wide range of soap bars, sanitizers, liquid soaps, toothpaste and other essentials you or your loved ones will need. They even have a few chocolates in stock if you want to give a little extra something to make your giftees something that will make their day even better.

Check out Dr. Bronner’s


Davines hair product in a wrap

Davines is a certified B-Corp founded in Parma, Italy  in 1983 that’s in the business of selling high-end hair care products. They are an internationally recognized cosmetics brand that’s extremely popular for use in salons and beauty parlors since the 1990s. Their products are now available in over 90 countries. Its founder, Davide Bollati founded the company on the vision of creating beauty sustainably to encourage people to take care of themselves, as well as teh environment in which they live, work and do the things they love.

Their host of salon-grade and premium haircare products are produced from natural ingredients and are made with renewable electric energy, and are sustainably packaged to minimize environmental impact. All of their operations are inspired by the idea that sustainable beauty is an inseparable unity between beauty and doing good.

Check out Davines

Natural Grace

For your earth-loving friends and family, we’ve scouted out these purpose-driven beauty brands for anyone’s natural and sustainable glam needs. These brands have dedicated their entire operations to solving global issues involving the environment through the practice of sustainable and regenerative business practices. Do your part and invite your loved ones over to become planet warriors by supporting these brands.


Ethique soap with grape fruit

Ethique is a UK-based beauty brand most known for their beauty bars made of 100% vegan and sustainably-sourced ingredients. They are New Zealand’s highest-scoring B-corp responsible for preventing the manufacturing of over 25 million plastic bottles, and has saved 5.3m gallons of water since the beginning of 2012. They also promise their patrons to plant a tree for every order placed in order to promote climate positivity to regenerate the planet and its natural beauty and replenish its resources.

Their catalog of products aren’t limited to just beauty bars, though they’re most known for them. They also hold a wide variety of beauty and cosmetic care products for haircare, skincare, body care and a variety of travel-friendly beauty and care essentials for adults, kids and even pets and a few household products..

Check out Ethique

Eco Lips

Eco Lips is a certified B-corporation in the business of producing some of the beauty industry’s finest USDA, organic and Fair Trade-Certified lip care and beauty products made for the world using 100% renewable energy. As a business, they’re centered on cultivating the triple bottom line consisting of people, the planet and profits.

Their product line consists of a wide array of lip tints, scrubs, balms and sunscreen. They also hold a subbrand of insect repellants under the name Bug Soother.

Check out Eco Lips

Primally Pure

Primally Pure in spray container

Bethany Mcdaniel, Primally Pure’s founder and heartbeat created her business as a response to the lack of safe and natural options in the beauty industry. Primally Pure believes in the adage, Fewer is Better. They extract all their ingredients from nature for purity and are backed by leading experts in the beauty industry to create safe and effective products that dish out real results.

Primally Pure has got you covered with a wide menu of cosmetic products from everyday essentials to goods for beautification. To supplement your home, they also offer customers a collection of household items to go with their fine selection.

Check out Primally Pure

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