Prospector Popcorn Helping Out Lovers Pick Out the Right Treat For Their Special Someone


Prospector Popcorn just released a Valentine’s Gift Guide for picking out the perfect tasty treat this Valentine’s season

WHO: Prospector Popcorn is more than just a gourmet popcorn brand, but one that provides competitive and inclusive employment for people with disabilities.  They sparkle and transform their passions into professions, while earning paychecks with competitive wages.  Around 75% of its 125 employees self-identify with a disability.

WHAT: In line with the release of their recent Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that helps lovers find the perfect tasty treat for their special someone, patrons can also enjoy a 15% discount on their new Chocolate Strawberry Popcorn and Sweethearts Pack of 3.

WHEN: Prospector Popcorn’s Valentine’s Day promo will run from January 16, 2023 to February 14, 2023

WHERE: Popcorn lovers are free to browse Prospector’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and avail of their special promos through the official Prospector Popcorn website.

WHY: Approximately 80% of Americans with disabilities don’t have a job.  Meaningful employment is vital to a person’s mental, social, financial, and emotional health. Prospector Popcorn wants to transform the lives of people with disabilities by giving them competitive and inclusive employment opportunities.  When you purchase delicious popcorn from them, you create the thousands of opportunities and interactions that fuel the Prospector’s mission

January to date – PFG Metrics

UTM PFG data

  • 108 new users visited the popcorn site with the UTM PFG
    • 60% were from NPD tags, 40% Valentine’s tags
  • 1 Order with the UTM PFG
    • It was tagged Valentines Day

Data without UTM tagging but can be reasonably be attributes to PFG

  • 3 orders attributable to PFG
    • 2 from CBS, 1 from Mike and Mary Radio
  • Of the traffic I can identify by their domain (e.g.
    • 9 sites are sending traffic but only between 1 and 4 visits from each of those 9 sites.
    • Reasonable bounce rate from those sites at an average of 40%

NPD Results

  • NPD single-day revenue was 84%🚀 higher than the previous single-day record from 2022.
  • NPD 2023 revenue was 3,900% higher than previous NPD 2022
  • NPD was an “acquisition event” with 94% of revenue attributed to first-time buyers.
  • TV spots drove local attention with CT and NY as the top two geos for online sales
  • Traffic from search soared and Prospector Popcorn achieved page 1 ranking for the first time in the US. Traffic from search jumped 200% on NPD.

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