Purpose-Driven Brands Holiday Gift Guide


Here at Publicity For Good, we work exclusively with purpose-driven, mission-oriented CPG brands in food, beverage, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Be an agent of change and help make your community and the world a better place by supporting these brands — Purpose driven brands holiday gift guide.

It’s hard to find excellent products made by earth and human-conscious individuals so we did all the work for you. This holiday, other than simply a gift, give your loved ones the opportunity to make an impact by giving them these excellent products from our beloved clients.


You all have one — That friend of yours with rows and rows of shoes, outfits, beauty and cosmetics. Inspire them to style with the earth and community in mind with some of these beauty and fashion brands we’ve selected from our numerous partners 

Carly Jeans Los Angeles

Carly Jeans is a purpose-driven brand that’s on a mission to help women from all walks of life to simplify their closets by encouraging them to adopt capsule wardrobes. By advocating for simplified closets, Carly Jeans is making it easier for women to feel cozy and cute whatever they’re wearing.

The brand houses an assortment of great shirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, dresses and footwear that perfectly marries simplicity and timeless styles to entice women to downsize and make shopping and being fashionable easier again

Check out Carly Jeans Los Angeles

Primally Pure

Clarifying Serum in a jar by Primally Pure

Bethany McDaniel, Primally Pure’s founder and heartbeat created her business as a response to the lack of safe and natural options in the beauty industry. Primally Pure believes in the adage, Fewer is Better. They extract all their ingredients from nature for purity and are backed by leading experts in the beauty industry to create safe and effective products that dish out real results.

Primally Pure has got you covered with a wide menu of cosmetic products from everyday essentials to goods for beautification. To supplement your home, they also offer customers a collection of household items to go with their fine selection.

Check out Primally Pure

The Giving Keys

The giving keys bracelet with fearless engravement

The Giving Keys is a pay-it-forward company that seeks to spread inspiration en masse through keys stamped with words of encouragement. As a brand, they want their patrons to embrace their word and pass it on to someone who needs the message more. Part of the profit the brand earns goes to its non-profit partner, Chrysalis, which provides employment opportunities for individuals transitioning out of homelessness.

As an accessories brand, they offer a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and keychains for both men and women. Their selection also is not limited to keys, but also includes spiritual designs, discs and padlocks that perfectly complement their key designs.

Check out The Giving Keys


Food lovers are in no short supply, and you’re bound to have that friend who’s always out to discover the latest in food and beverage. Pleasure them with these brands and simultaneously, help them out in making the world a better place.

WhatIF Foods

What if food noodles

WhatIF Foods is a planet-positive food brand that’s leading a revolution towards regenerative business and agriculture. WhatIF Foods strongly advocates for business practices that go beyond just sustainability but instead focuses on regenerating and restoring the health of the planet and its communities. Central to their mission is the Bambara GroundNut or the BamNut, a hardy legume that thrives even in arid lands with the uncanny ability to restore soil health.

WhatIF Foods holds a variety of vegan-friendly, BamNut and vegetable-based instant noodles and alternative milk products from BamNuts. This holiday season until January 31, 2023, they’re offering their patrons 2 gift bundles, both of which are available on their website, . 

Their gift bundles include a $40 package which includes 2 BamNut Milk Airy, 1 BamNut Noodles and 2 NoodBoxes; and a $50 package which includes 2 BamNut Milk Everyday, 2 BamNut Milk Barista and 3 NoodBoxes.

Check out WhatIF Foods

Dignity Coconuts 

Dignity raw coconut oil in a jar

Dignity Coconuts was established by its owners’ drive and passion to provide jobs and regain the dignity of individuals suffering from abject poverty. The brand found its place of operation in the remote province of Bicol in the Philippines. Through their efforts, they’ve provided fair wages and career opportunities to locals in the area who suffer daily from poverty and the looming thought of feeling less than everyone simply because they lack skills, knowledge and opportunities.

Today, they offer some of the finest pure coconut oil products in the global market. Their selection includes coconut oil products used for cooking, baking and a number of cosmetics as well.

Check out Dignity Coconuts


Ever wondered what you can give your couple-friends who never tire of the comfort of their homes? Meet some of these home and lifestyle brands that are making a difference in the world and help your homebody pals make a difference with a simple purchase from these purpose-driven brands.

Good Clean Love

Good clean love lubricant

Good Clean Love is a female-founded, owned and operated company that started 20 years ago with the vision of bringing women healthy, organic and safe intimacy products.  Today, they offer a portfolio of women’s sexual health and wellness and vaginal care products that are always pH-balanced, doctor-recommended, and support a healthy vaginal microbiome.  We only use clean, safe, non-toxic ingredients and never use harsh petrochemicals, parabens, glycerin or artificial fragrances.  We are proud to be a certified B Corporation with a commitment to using business as a force for good for our consumers, communities and the planet.  

Check out Good Clean Love

Prosperity Candle

Coffee flavored Prosperity Candle in a jar

Prosperity Candle is a B-Corp certified brand that’s known for making a variety of sustainably-made scented candles housed in beautifully-crafted and reusable vessels. In 2016, they were also recognized by B-Lab as a Best for the World small enterprise. What sets Prosperity Candles apart from other candles is their drive to lift people and families out of poverty as well as create opportunities for women artisans to thrive.

Each candle Prosperity creates, holds an artisan’s story. Prosperity Candles provides opportunities for refugee families by giving them the chance to build a life based on American values. As a result, each candle a consumer supports, directly impacts the welfare of refugee families or women in need.

All their candles are homemade and created by artisans using all-natural soy and coconut waxes with pure cotton and wood wicks, scented using natural essential oils. Prosperity Candles are also dye and enhancer-free.

Check out Prosperity Candle

For Mindset and Wellness Lovers

The quest to become better and well is a lifelong pursuit we all face. Help your friend find the inspiration and resources they need to find wellness, and health and become the best version of themselves by simply following these brands. Let their lives evolve by opening their horizons to new ideas that can enhance their living experience.


Santhigram soap with butter

Santhigram is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to advocating for and modernizing the use of Ayurveda as a legitimate and effective means to achieve mental and physical wellness. Through the use of evidence and research-based methods to prove the efficacy of Ayurveda and Yoga, Santhigram has unveiled the many benefits of Ayurvedic practices to a wider audience. Santhigram’s mission is achieved mainly through its non-profit arm, Santhigram Foundation, which also established the Global Online Ayurveda Library (G.O.A.L.).

Its subsidiaries, Santhigram Wellness and Santhigram Herbals are also instrumental in making Ayurveda, Yoga and Ayurvedic practices available for people to experience. Their product lines include a wide array of cosmetics and supplements that promote physical health and beauty. Whereas Santhigram Wellness gives consumers the opportunity to partake in Ayurvedic therapies.

Check out Santhigram

Peggy Sullivan’s Happiness is Your Responsibility

Peggy Sullivan book entitled Happiness is your responsibility

Peggy Sullivan is a prolific speaker on women’s leadership, mindset and happiness. She’s helped a vast number of women achieve personal and professional growth and improve health and wellness through her non-profit organization, SheCAN! Her organization has allowed women to find a community of like-minded individuals where they can find avenues for personal growth as well as share support and experience that can encourage them to feel more empowered as women.

She authors the book, Happiness is Your Responsibility, wherein she presents women with a blueprint of how they can take control of their happiness by making intentional choices that gear them towards success and fulfillment to encourage them to live with a philosophy of thriving, instead of merely surviving.

Check out Peggy Sullivan and SheCAN

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