Sharing Our Love for Kids and Babies with Some Inspiring Childcare Brands From Expo West 2023


We’re obsessed with kids and babies here at Publicity For Good. as a family-owned publicity agency, we feel that it’s only right that we support only the best, safest and most reliable baby brands so we can give the best care possible for our little ones.

Some of the safest and best baby brands we meet usually had one thing in common: they’re simple and all-natural or organic. As such, several baby brands usually participate in Natural Products Expo West.

Earlier this month, we attended the 2023 Natural Products Expo West held in Anaheim, California, where we met some truly amazing brands, including a number of passionate, purpose-driven and reliable babycare brands.

This roundup will feature just some of the incredible baby brands we met with personally at Expo West. And we hope you’d consider adding them to your list of essentials and let’s boost the care we give to our children.

Here are some baby brand friends we made at Expo West

Babo Botanicals a natural products brand

Babo Botanics–Mustela

Mustela is a brand that countless families in the world are familiar with. In collaboration with Babo Botanicals a natural products brand, Mustela has effectively penetrated the natural products market. Mustela identified the need of several parents to only use organic and clean products to ensure the health and safety of their children. As a result, parents can expect Mustela to have a wider variety of natural products for their little ones in the market soon.

Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature is an innovative brand of sustainably made, safe and organic diapers, training pants, wipes and a number of skincare products for babies and kids. They also house a number of products for maternal wellness including maternity pads and intimate care products. All of Bambo Nature’s products are certified by various natural and organic products organizations, and boasts high quality products, earning the highest certifications possible. As a brand, they have a simple desire: ensure that mommies, kids and babies have happy and healthy skin, while creating less waste resulting from disposing of these personal care products.

Diamond Wipes

Since its inception, Diamond Wipes have been a leading expert in the manufacturing and creation of premium wet wipes. What makes Diamond Wipes is their unwavering commitment to deliver safe, reliable and sustainable products for everyone’s personal skincare, health and wellness needs and their baby’s as well. All of their products are certified by the FSC, FDA, EPA and are certified organic by the NSF.

Oilogic (Ignite Brands)

Essential oils have an uncanny calming and soothing effect on both parents and babies. Oilogic, specializes in creating 100% pure and natural essentials oils, they fondly call Powerful Little Nature Potions, that contain no protein and artificial ingredients. Moreover, all their oils are dermatologist-tested, guaranteeing their safety and effectivity. 

Jack N’ Jill Kids (Natural Family Co.)

Jack N’ Jill Kids is a maker of natural toothpastes that cater to babies, toddlers and children that are naturally-made and are completely safe to swallow. Their products are certified to be non-GMO, cornstarch fre and are also biodegradable and recyclable. Parents are all too familiar with the struggle of looking after their kids’ oral health. With several chemicals that make up conventional toothpaste, parents can now have a safer alternative that they can rely on to ensure that brushing teeth can be an enjoyable way to keep their teeth healthy and bond as a family. Recently in the 2023 Natural Products Expo West, Jack N’ Jill Kids released a new range of products that are designed to be used not just by kids, but for the entire family.

Nest Baby Diapers (KCK Industries, Inc.)

Nest Baby Diapers is a sustainable and eco-friendly diaper brand known for being sustainably-made, chemical, lotion, perfume and allergen-free, but also soft, absorbent and loved by babies nationwide. Their line of diapers are all made with biodegradable materials, reducing the long-term impact heavily associated with the use of conventional, disposable diapers. By using sustainable materials and working closely with diaper compost providers, Nest Baby Diapers is paving the way for transformation, introducing a new way to produce and dispose of diapers that otherwise just go to landfills.

Moon Valley Organics

Moon Valley Organics is a USDA-certified organic brand of skin and hair products that are proven safe, healthy and effective for managing your children’s hygiene. They utilize all recycled materials on their packaging, positively impacting the planet by effectively reducing their waste and carbon footprint. They carry a wide range of hair therapy products, lotions, rubs, scrubs, soaps, lotion bars, shampoos and balms, ensuring that you have everything you need to secure your kids’ hygiene.

Original Sprout

Original sprout is a leading brand of vegan-friendly, organic and family-friendly skin, body and hair care products that are safe, healthy and perfect to use for the entire family. It’s the brand’s mission to ensue that families with sensitive skin are given the care products that they need, without having to resort to conventional care products that may have harmful and toxic ingredients for their skin. Their products are formulated and made using extracts from fruits, vegetables and flowers, while excluding all irritants such as parabens and phthalates.

Piggy Paint

Almost everyone with a little girl has had the privilege of watching their daughter fall in love with a colorful set of nails after a polishing session with mommy or daddy. Just as many parents, however, also face the concern of their children accidentally consuming their possibly toxic nail polish in case they accidentally put their hands in their mouths.

Piggy Paints was created to quell this common fear by providing non-toxic, water-based nail polish for children of all ages. All their polishes are guaranteed to have no toxic chemicals, and are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. With Piggy Paint Nail Polish, parents and kids can finally say goodbye to harsh smelling chemicals and simply enjoy the experience of polishing safely.

Terra Diapers (Regal+Lager)

Terra Diapers is a completely organic and sustainable baby care brand that offers a wide selection of baby essentials from organic, biodegradable  diapers, biodegradable wipes, organic body care products and biodegradable facial wipes. All their products are 100% bamboo-made and are absent of any chemicals that may harm sensitive skin. By focusing on natural and biodegradable materials, Terra Diapers aims to contribute to the movement of reducing waste that’s very prevalent in the disposable diaper industry.


Wellements is a baby brand that aims to provide all children and parents with all-nateural, safe and effective care products to give parents the confidence that they’re giving the best and safest option for their child. Wellements products are simple, natural, organic and have passed the highest quality standards for purity—making them absent of any preservatives, chemicals or additives.

They host a wide range of baby and child care products including rubs, balms, vitamins and dietary supplements to help parents’ little ones stay healthy and grow well. 

Give your kid only the best by supporting these baby brands

Inspire a love for natural, organic, safe and purpose-driven brands early on to your kids. The products you use can serve as a shining example for your children, so they can follow suit and aim to support brands that are not only safe and reliable, but are also beneficial to the community, and the world.

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