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Among our clientele, we’ve worked with a great number of veteran-owned brands. Celebrate the sacrifice that these individuals have made by supporting their livelihoods beyond the battlefield — Veteran brands holiday gift guide.

We’d like you to meet some of these individuals who’ve fought to protect the land we stand on — all while giving back to the community in their own unique ways.


You all have one — That friend of yours with rows and rows of shoes, outfits, beauty and cosmetics. Inspire them to style with the earth and community in mind with some of these beauty and fashion brands we’ve selected from our numerous partners 

R. Riveter

R.Riveter bag in army green color

Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse, two military wives, who sought a way to provide military spouses, like them, with meaningful careers. It’s with this mission that they founded R. Riveter, a purpose-driven brand that produces carefully handcrafted handbags made by the women they desire to help.

R Riveter hosts a wide collection of leather and canvas bags in classic and military-inspired designs, staying true to the brand’s military heritage. It’s difficult not to fall in love with their selection of totes, handbags, backpacks and clutches, handcrafted by military wives.

Check out R Riveter

American Yogi

Guy wearing American Yogi black t-shirt

American Yogi is more than just an average shirt brand. The veteran-owned brand was founded on the founder’s love for Yoga and peace. The Yoga community is mostly occupied by women, and American Yogi sought to be different by being the first Yoga-related brand targeted at men. The brand’s mission is simple yet profound, to give both men and women a vehicle to find peace through yoga and real its amazing health benefits.

American Yogi boasts a large collection of graphic tees for men and women featuring Yoga-related and new-age-inspired designs. They also hold a selection of bottoms, and other tops for women, as well as a few accessories in their online store. Furthermore, you can avail of a private Yoga session with American Yogi’s personnel by simply booking an appointment.

Check out American Yogi

Doc Spartan

Doc Spartan grenade shape soap

Doc Spartan is a purpose-driven, veteran-owned skincare, personal hygiene and cosmetics brand that’s more than simply a soap company. Doc Spartan’s growth has been directly attributed to the support they give to recovering drug addicts. Housing a staff of recovering addicts on the verge of being brought to a homeless shelter, Doc Spartan has given these individuals a chance to improve their lives and heal from their wounds with the help of Doc Spartan, its products and advocacy.

Their store features a wide array of hygiene products from deodorants and soaps, to hair, facial hair and skincare essentials. They also house a few pet care essentials as well as some pieces of apparel. They also have a wide selection of product bundles, perfect for gift-giving this holiday season.

Check out Doc Spartan


Celebrate the American Dream by sharing these brands with your favorite foodies. These purpose-driven, veteran-owned brands have used their businesses to give back to the community past their military service. Celebrate patriotism this holiday by following these brands.

Frag Out Flavor

Frag out seasoning in jar

Frag Out Flavor is a veteran-owned rub and seasoning company dedicated to reminding people to focus on the things they often take for granted day by day — their family, faith, education and the American dream. The brand wanted to bring something good to the table so they can kindle conversation and celebrate community and connection through the social glue of good food and get-togethers. As they grow, their long-term mission is to be large enough so that they can support the veteran community and the military.

The brand keeps true to its dedication in bringing something good to every table. Frag Out Flavor houses a wide selection of spice rubs and blends that are sure to add explosive flavor to any dish to your holiday menu. They also feature a lot of fun military-themed merchandise including tumblers, aprons, mugs and some apparel.

Check out Frag Out Flavor

Mutt’s Sauce

Three mutt's sauce in jar

Mutt’s Sauce is a veteran-owned brand dedicated to the memory and exceptional product of its namesake, Charlie “Mutt’ Ferrell Jr. He earned his nickname for his uncanny ability to blend in anywhere with anyone. Soon after his service in the military, he developed a multi-purpose sauce that he, or anyone, can use for every meal. The result is a sauce that was much like him — a sauce that blended well with everyone. He used his sauce to foster laughter, food, friendship and celebration to break down cultural barriers and unite with food and his sauce as the social glue.

You can avail of Mutt’s Sauce in a variety of flavors including the original recipe, sweet and spicy, ghost pepper, and some limited-edition variants. Apart from the sauce, they also offer a number of deluxe spice blends — upgrading the experience of food and community even further. 

Check out Mutt’s Sauce

Alpha Coffee

Alpha coffee in box

Alpha Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee brand dedicated to promoting the warrior mentality — a mentality that’s focused on serving others, whether it’s on the battlefield or the local community. The warrior mentality highlights protecting those in need, mentoring their followers and having each others’ backs. Beyond advocating the warrior mentality, Alpha Coffee gives back through their Grounds For Good and Coffee For Troops programs which serve to support the country’s military and its veterans. Moreover, Alpha Coffee shares 10% to causes for veterans, the planet and the community.

Alpha Coffee offers a large selection of coffee blends, single origins, cocoa and creamers and kilo cups for all the coffee needs of a warrior. Their selection boasts an abundance of varieties fit for a multitude of moods and seasons. Alpha Coffee also offers their goods at a 10% discount for military personnel and veterans, staying true and respecting its military origin.

Check out Alpha Coffee

Rumi Spice 

Rumi seasoning in jar

Rumi Spice is a veteran-owned spice company that earned a B-Corporation certification in 2017 for its profound work in elevating the lives of Afghan farmers and women and improving Afghanistan’s agricultural infrastructure. Beyond a selection of exquisite, premium spices such as saffron and black cumin, Rumi Spice sets itself apart as a brand that seeks to improve both the living condition of Afghani citizens and retell the story of the war-torn country to highlight the vibrancy of its culture, people and its delicious food.

Rumi Spices houses an impressive collection of whole spices, spice blends, seasonings and starter mixes for easy exotic cooking, but their crown jewel remains to be their premium saffron that’s caught the eye of restaurants and culinary professionals across the nation.

Check out Rumi Spice

Battle Bars 

Battle Bar smores flavor

Battle Bars is a sports and nutrition company managed by US veterans, Ian Sparks and Alex Witt. They created Battle Bars in response to America’s crisis in nutrition. The United States is out of shape and is beginning to rely too much on shady nutrition companies. Battle Bars is a company that’s dedicated its energy to developing a premium source of nutrition for the nation through its great-tasting and expertly formulated protein bars.

Battle Bars has an abundance of nutrition bars to choose from in various flavors as well as 24 and 36-pack bundles. The brand also offers a “build your own box” that allows you to select a bundle you’d feel is perfect for you or your loved one.

Check out Battle Bars


Here’s to the decorator, home-improver and everyone who’s dedicated to making home a better place. Help them bring out the best in their homes and themselves by supporting a purpose-driven brand, specially made for them.

Southern Elegance

Southern sunshine Candle in jar

Southern Elegance is a humble veteran-owned company that manufactures scented candles with one goal in mind — reigniting the South’s shared history and the South’s cultural experiences. Their candles are carefully crafted to elicit memories that take you back to a place of pure joy and pleasurable nostalgia. As a southern business, Southern Elegance’s mission is to support other small southern businesses, partnering with them so they could grow alongside one another. As such, they’ve dedicated time and energy to searching for the finest suppliers and manufacturers in the south.

Southern Elegance houses a multitude of scented candles and fragrance sprays that can turn any house into a wellspring of fond memories. Families of veterans and military officials are also in luck since they offer discounts to the honorable heroes that fight and defend our proud nation.

Check out Southern Elegance

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