WhatIF Foods Named As A Real Leader for Impact


Planet-positive food and beverage brand, WhatIF Foods has been named as a 2023 Real Leaders Impact Award winner.

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WhatIF Foods, since its inception, has strongly advocated for regenerative business and agricultural practices in order to achieve optimum help to restore the planet. As a brand, they’ve gone beyond the realm of merely focusing on sustainability, but are actually making strides in healing the planet through their business.

Through the use of the revolutionary Bambara Groundnut, a hardy legume that’s able to grow in arid lands, with the ability to restore soil health, WhatIF Foods has essentially crafted a business model that consistently helps the earth’s lands recover and become healthier.

Beyond their business, its founder, Christoph Langwallner, has extensively shared the importance of regenerative practices to a global community. WhatIF Foods has actively participated in green business symposiums such as the 2022 Planetiers World Gathering where they shared insights with the brightest minds in sustainable and earth-friendly business about the various ways they, as businesses can improve the planet.

As such, their good deeds have not come unrecognized. Real Leaders has named WhatIF Foods as a 2023 Real Leaders Impact Awards Winner for the extensive work they’ve done to innovate how businesses run to improve the world and its communities. As a result, WhatIF Foods will now become part of a unified community of visionary leaders who, like them, actively contribute to innovation towards a sustainable future. With the theme of Waves of Impact, WhatIF Foods, Real Leaders believes, is a brand that’s going to make a big splash in 2023.

Learn more about WhatIF Foods, their products and the work they do towards regenerative business and agriculture by visiting their website.

About WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is a planet-positive food and beverage company that’s on a mission to regenerate the planet and its people. As a global champion of true REgeneration, WhatIF Foods reinvents and innovates the entire food system and encourages consumers to always choose the better option. They do this by diversifying the food system with environmentally-friendly crops that can restore degraded lands, cut water consumption, improve our diets and increase food security. WhatIF Foods creates tasty, convenient foods that replenish with nutritious ingredients and restore soil health to increase its carbon capture potential and reconnect people with farming communities who are vital in our value chain.

WhatIF Foods’ core mission to bring about true Regeneration is centered around a forgotten and underutilized crop known as the Bambara groundnut. This West African and Southeast Asian crop, which WhatIF Foods calls BamNut, is a nutritionally complete, regenerative and hardy legume that has the ability to grow in degraded lands with minimal demand for resources.

About Real Leaders

Real Leaders is a membership community for impact leaders with a global media platform dedicated to driving positive change. Founded in 2010, Real Leaders recognized early on that businesses bore a responsibility to be as cognizant of their impact on employees, society, and the planet as they are on their bottom line. Real Leaders is a B Corporation, member of the UN Global Compact, and independently owned. Their mission is to unite farsighted leaders to transform our short-sighted world.

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