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Become a top-voice in your space. We’ll help you secure interviews, mentions, and features in the influence leadership space.
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Launch your brand and get results. We create a strategy that turns people into fans who pick up what you’re puttin’ down. We launch your brand, new products or updated features and support the entire marketing strategy in the space of B2B and B2C.
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Become a fixture of your community. We work with brands and companies to drive local traffic and increase brand awareness in local markets. We also support brands as they break into new local markets.
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Get viral with your product! We curate the relationships with influencers across your social media channels to expand your reach and increase your visibility. From product placement, stories and paid advertorial we're able to support you across every stage of your campaign. Messaging, brand ambassador selection and management, channel management and more. Are you ready to make social work for you?
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Experiential &
Create buzz for your brand with unique experiences for influencers and media. Let Publicity for Good help you tell your story with events and experiences catered to your target audience. Get media attention through focused outreach designed to enhance event, further elevating the excitement around product launch, new messaging, brand extensions and much more. We're experts in making the ordinary, extraordinary.
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Heather, Peter, and Nicole are available to speak on a variety of topics including: The power of driving purpose in your business; Attracting Millennial customers; Teamwork and team building; Engaging, entertaining and retaining your clients; Strategies for building your company and personal brand; and more!
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Are you a startup or entrepreneur?!
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Start-up Package

  • CEO or Company Bio Written
  • Unique Company Pitch
  • Daily Monitoring of HARO/Profnet
  • PR Checklist to help maximize every PR opportunity
  • Unlimited Pitches to TIER 3 Media
  • 6-8 blog articles and/or feature in your Tier during your contract
Growth Package

  • CEO or Company Bio Written
  • Unique Company Pitch
  • Daily Monitoring of HARO/Profnet
  • PR Checklist to help maximize every PR opportunity
  • Dedicated Booking Agent for Scheduling Interviews
  • Unlimited Pitches to TIER 1 Media
  • Unlimited Pitches to TIER 2 Media
  • Unlimited Pitches to TIER 3 Media
  • 8-10 contributor opportunities, podcast interviews, FB Live interviews or online stores during your contract
Visibility Package

  • CEO or Company Bio Written
  • Unique Company Pitch
  • Daily Monitoring of HARO/Profnet
  • PR Checklist to help maximize every PR opportunity
  • Dedicated Booking Agent for Scheduling Interviews
  • 24-Hour response Time to All Calls & Inquiries
  • Unlimited Pitches to TIER 1 Media & Regional TV
  • Unlimited Pitches to TIER 2 Media
  • Unlimited Pitches to TIER 3 Media
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Consultation with Publicity Team Expert
  • Talking notes for any segments booked and confirmed 48 hours in advance
  • Exclusive campaign created for you around Awareness Day or Breaking News
  • 12 Interviews or features across radio regional TV, mid-size digital or similar during your contract
  • While only having worked with Publicity for Good (so far), all expectations have been exceeded and the time to results was shorter than I could have possibly hoped for. I would (and do) happily recommend Heather and her team to anyone looking to get their name or product out there!
    Eric Termuende – Author, Speaker
    Co-Founder of NoW Innovations.

  • Working with Heather is such a delight. She’s kind and focused, keeping her clients on track to accomplish great things. Heather’s commitment to do good in the world by ensuring organizations like Paving the Way Foundation, get the media attention they need to share important messages has a massive impact on the difference we get to make. In the short time we’ve been in business, we’ve been interviewed by CNN, NBC, Huffington Post and Marie Claire UK. That is miraculous! Grateful to be working with Publicity for Good
    Jan Edwards – President
    Paving the Way Foundation

  • Parkbench is a fast growing and innovative firm that is looking to continually disrupt the way our industry does business, For us, having a PR Agency that wanted to approach their work with this same mindset was a non-negotiable. We’ve enjoyed the process working with Publicity for Good and continue to value this partnership as we both grow into the future!
    Grant Findlay-Shirras – CEO

  • Good Idea Drinks is excited to work with Publicity for Good as our Agency of Record in the US. Bringing a new product to market requires a firm that is responsive and nimble. One of their top qualities is taking initiative and suggesting creative solutions to us without asking. They are not just responsive to our needs, they are proactive. Publicity for Good and Heather, have worked hard to truly become part of our company, and actively engage in understanding our brand. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to have them as our partner.
    Bjorn Olste – CEO
    Good Idea Drinks

  • Publicity for Good and Heather have provided me TV exposure for my newly released book, and helped me to develop relationships in related field while helping me to become established as an authority in my field.
    Jeff Lazarus – Branded With Authority

  • Heather and her team have already done so much for me and it’s only been a few weeks! I’m
    already seeing increased sales on my book and a big boost to the number of people signing up to
    my Academy. She has me busy with multiple interviews per week with some big media outlets
    that would have been impossible for me to land my myself. Thanks Heather!
    Matthew Ganzak – Best Selling Author of The Million Dollar Plan
    Owner of ScaleUP Media, LLC

  • Before working with Heather, I had tried several ways to increase my influence, get media attention, and increase my brand awareness trying to do it myself, or other people I hired and none were very successful. Working with Heather has changed everything for me, because she is getting me and my brand the visibility I really want, and that is opening up other doors to better and better stages, more high level connections which is why my company is growing by leaps and bounds. Working with Heather is a great experience, and she is the best in her field at what she does.
    Cheryl Fields – Finance Expert Author of The Million Dollar Plan
    Lifestyle Wealth Group

  • Heather has an unending, passionate ability to authentically connect with her clients, understand their goals and work hard on their behalf to drive results. Representing our designer women’s race series, new to Columbus, Ohio, Heather was able to secure live TV and radio segments in addition to numerous digital placements. Her quick efforts help us to increase our visibility among local female runners to drive registration and increase impressions for our sponsors. We were so impressed with the momentum she gained in a short period of time.
    Lindsay Sachs – Founder
    Esprit de She

  • Working with Heather has increased our exposure across the country. Her ability to garner high profile interviews with the press like Huffington Post, Bustle, CNN, iHeart Media, Beasley Media and
    USA Radio Network has given me the confidence to speak clearly and concisely to each audience, sharing from the heart. Heather is goes the extra mile to create talking points with us as our topic can
    be weighty. She is a delight to work with and I’m clear on her commitment to getting the word out for heart based Entrepreneurs. You want to work with this amazing woman.
    Jan Edwards – National Advocate For Sex Trafficking
    Founder of Paving The Way

  • Not only did Heather secure me a publication in the Huffington Post but she also secured me multiple television segments, live TV, pre-recorded TV that is going to air several times throughout the Holiday season – to promote my books and my business. If you are someone who is looking to gain exposure in your business, if you are somebody who is looking to get your important message out to the world, if you are someone who is looking to expand your followings so that you can serve and help more people, Heather is your girl.
    Kate Butler – Success Coach
    #1 Best Selling Author

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