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If businesses want to succeed in today’s world, they need to play at the highest level to rise to the top. The problem is that the CPG market is a crowded place, which means it takes strong communication strategies to surpass the competition. Having an intentional plan to help your company grow is non-negotiable. The truth is that the core of any business is its internal and external communications, which can be challenging to put in place when you are busy running a million-dollar revenue company. That’s why Publicity for Good offers a first-class all-encompassing program for purpose-driven consumer products brands looking to increase their growth, visibility, and ROI. This year-long program is designed for the company that wants to be the leading, premier brand in their space (no second-place trophies allowed!).

What They Say

" and would have had probably no success without their help."

Dre Fox, Instagram Coach

" Talk about ROI and really getting people in the door... the PR, the team, everybody is so beautiful the check-ins, I just literally love them "

Melissa Ruiz, Soulpreneur Business Coach

" Honestly, one of my favorite things working with Heather and her team is that they really care about you. "

Evelyn Huynh, Business and Life Coach

" They have helped me go from regional recognition to national brand recognition. "

Joyce Dales, Buzzagogo and Maker of Cold Bee Gone

" I've been featured in publications such as Life & Style, Conscious-Company, I also have some upcoming TV spots that they are working on. "

Kayla Ybanez, Launching expert


PFG Pillars

Publicity For good stands on 3 key pillars for success: Intentional Execution, Transparent Teamwork and being Mission Obsessed:



In achieving our goals, we are relentless and have a razor-sharp focus on meeting deadlines and keeping our Key Performance Indicators. We are outcome-based and believe in delivering only high-quality results for our clients.


We pride ourselves on having a team-oriented culture. We value and encourage clear and open communication between team members as well as clients. We understand the importance of being transparent with each other in order to avoid miscommunication and conflict. We also understand the value of celebrating wins, both big and small to keep us motivated as an agency and to show our enthusiasm and passion for the work that we do.


In Publicity For Good, we are obsessed with delivering only the best service for our clients. We always keep ahead of trends and relentlessly follow-up with leads and respond to our clients concerns in a timely manner. Satisfying our clients is paramount to all we do and through having a growth mindset, we’re committed to improving all our systems and practices so we can constantly do better for our clients.

The Founder


Founder and CEO, Heather Holmes, knows the importance of communication, marketing, and community when it comes to growing your brand.

“PFG has built a reputation as the country’s number one PR agency for CPG brands that have social good causes built into their DNA.”


PFG is a PR and communications firm that is committed to helping purpose-driven brands grow, increase their ROI, and make more impact so they can continue to do good with their holistic products.




Here's How We Do It

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Problem Solution

The Failure We Help You Avoid

  • Watching their competitors become leader in their industry
  • Stagnant or decreased revenue
  • No  business growth

The Success We Help You Achieve

  • Your business will grow at least a 100K in revenue or we will or we will continue to work for you for free
  • Consistent media exposure
  • Streamlined communication and marketing strategy so they can focus on doing more good in the world

The Plan with PFG

How to create a plan for communications

So this is our plan to get you these things

Case Studies


Peggy Sullivan tv interview shot

Peggy Sullivan

NOW Foods

AnnMarie Skin Care

What They Say

“It has been so great working with Publicity For Good over the past couple of months because Heather and her team really helped me spread my message and why it’s so important to connect with ideal customers using Instagram. I know for a fact I would never take the time or energy to pitch myself to all these media outlets and would have probably no success without their help.”
Dre Fox
Coach and Top Instagram Mentor
“Heather and her team have honestly changed my business. I love them, being an entrepreneur, I love that it has everything to do with the intention and purity of somebody’s message and the things really grounded and rooted in people’s authentic truth. When I spoke to them, it literally nailed it on the head, I was like oh my God, I have to work with them.”
Melissa Ruiz
Soulful Biz queen
“We pivoted from our previous PR company to Publicity For Good. Publicity For Good came on board to help the company improve its brand awareness and sales. The team communicated through Slack and email.”
Julie Cielo
Founder of Ferm Fatale
“I don’t pretend that all this is organic or natural. I have an amazing publicist. I got the most results when I started working with my new publicist, Heather”

Jamie King
The Slay Coach and 7 Figure Freedom CEO
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