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Publicity For Good (PFG) is the only millennial-led, female-influenced public relations firm focused on supporting purpose-driven food and beverage companies. We are more than your publicists—we are activists and advocates of your brand.

We believe PR is ripe for change, and we are excited to be that disruptor. Instead of using public relations to push products or brands on people, we spotlight our clients’ bigger purpose: their socially conscious activities, consumer education and their giving back. The result is more impactful press and bigger growth for our clients.

Plus, our team all shares a similar purpose-driven passion; we are focused on giving back and love seeing the innovative ways companies are contributing to make our world a better place. So if you're ready to make a big impact and grow your business, let's do this!

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Our clients are regularly featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX in the top 20 regional markets through integrated PR and social media campaigns in local, national and international markets.

Greetings from our founder
Heather DeSantis

Hi, there! I’m Heather DeSantis, founder of Publicity For Good. Since I was a child, I’ve been consumed with creating a social impact and contributing to our world. And now, instead of selling girl scout cookies and running school fundraisers, I get to flex my PR muscles to make big changes in the world. Nothing fires me up more than creating huge, cause-marketing public relations campaigns that get results For my clients.

If you have a bold vision For your work and your life, let’s talk. If you want to see your For-purpose mission come to fruition, let’s brainstorm. Because at the end of the day, we’re all building a legacy. And I value the go-getters, the self-starters, the world-changers. The team at Publicity For Good is fired up about our clients and their work. We are motivated to take real, impactful action and bring ideas to life.

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