Lisa Easton/Millionaire Morning Mamas

Services Offered:

  • Listicles and Round-Ups
  • TV Tour pitching
  • National Media pitching
  • Regional pitching pitching 
  • Thought Leadership
  • Digital and Traditional PR

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 29 including, Flipboard, Daily Telegraph, PIX11-WPIX, New York Amsterdam News, Bell Media, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine Action and Ambition, Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta, and many more
  • Total Live Links: 12
  • Audience Reach: 155.4M
  • Publicity Value: 458,500

Lisa Easton is a mentor and manifestation expert that has helped countless women achieve abundance and wealth through her program and academy, Millionaire Morning Mamas. Using the knowledge she’s gained from working with top CEOs and entrepreneurs, she’s gained the tools necessary to live a life of abundance and achieve success, no matter what challenges anyone may be facing.

Lisa Easton reached out to Publicity For Good to further extend her reach to help a wider audience of women in need of financial guidance to help them achieve abundance through her program and academy. Moreover, Lisa Easton sought us for help to get invited to paid speaking engagements, red carpet events, and even landing her a possible TED Talk. We leveraged heavily on her experience as a divorced business owner who crawled out of crippling debt to emerge victorious and abundant. We also considered key awareness periods such as National Women’s History Month to highlight her as a leader in business and coaching. Through our efforts, we were able to secure live media interviews and coverage over digital media that helped elevate her status as a manifestation mentor and successful entrepreneur that has the skills and tools needed to help other women gain abundance. She has even flown to Los Angeles for a major TV Segment where she shared her expertise in manifestation and earning wealth to a vast audience. These opportunities helped her become a verified figure on Instagram, establishing her authority and reliability as a public figure, speaker and coach.

So far our 90-day of campaign from December to February resulted in a total of 29 media opportunities for the Sarah Bowmar brand, 12 of which area already live. These opportunities included features in major outlets such as, Flipboard, Daily Telegraph, PIX11-WPIX, New York Amsterdam News, Bell Media, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine Action and Ambition, Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta, and many more. In total, we achieved a reach of over 155.4 million media impressions. The features we collected included media interviews and articles that showcased Lisa Easton’s extensive knowledge on the topics of manifestation, wealth, and entrepreneurship. The total publicity value we achieved for Lisa Easton was estimated at more than $458,500.

Through our efforts, we solidified Lisa Easton as a master in managing wealth and a reliable mentor in helping women manifest their money and abundance goals. Lisa Easton was able to enjoy media notoriety by sharing her story, academy, and success over live media—potentially increasing the likelihood that people will seek out Lisa Easton for mentorship and guidance.

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