How Social Impact is Critical in Successful PR


Is social impact critical in successful PR — Publicity For Good’s work is highly centered around the social impact and mission of our clients. As such, we understand the value that social media and advocacy have on the success of a PR campaign.

Every brand needs to have a strong understanding of how their corporate social responsibility (CSR) can have a huge effect on their marketing and public relations. Many brands may overlook the value of giving back to the community over higher margins, but today’s consumers already think differently. Therefore, brands should reevaluate the way they treat their business and how they impact the greater community.

It’s relevant in today’s market

By highlighting the importance of social impact, companies can tell consumers how their impact is important to them. Today, Millennials and Gen Z hold a high standard on corporate social responsibility and social impact in the way they patronize brands.

In the 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 73% of millennials indicated that they’d be willing to spend more for sustainably produced products from socially impactful brands. Gen Z on the other hand, which makes up almost 40% of all consumers, have stated that they’ve refused to use brands and products that did not align with their values.

Social impact allows for highly effective storytelling

Brands that are willing to be vulnerable and share their social impact resonates well with their consumers. It’s undeniable that advocacies and causes can pull on a person’s heartstrings and elicit an emotional response from them. Brands that effectively communicate their causes can transparently express their connection with their consumers and the community and paint themselves as a brand that’s trustworthy, caring, and deeply connected to their audience.

Gives brands the chance to walk the talk

Consumers identify with your brand

Causes and advocacies cater to the social needs of a specific niche. A brand’s ability to communicate its social impact is inherently communicating with that audience that it is a brand that cares about its wellbeing. Furthermore, individuals who are staunch advocates for these causes will also be able to resonate with a brand that aligns with the causes they follow.

Social impact builds trust

Having an advocacy or cause allows brands to give back to the community and perform acts that lead to the greater good. Brands that consistently do good can build a positive reputation for themselves, which can build the trust of their target audience.

Brands, however, need to be mindful to allow their advocacy or social impact to reflect at every level of their supply chain. Consumers often brush aside, forget, or even cringe at one-off CSR events, but they do remember brands that consistently maintain their social responsibility throughout their entire chain of operations —
Is social impact critical in successful PR.

Social impact PR brings forward a company’s mission

Brands often feel detached from their audience without the ability to communicate why they matter. Pursuing a cause or advocacy allows the brands to become more accessible to the consumer by being able to share ideas and philosophies that may resonate with them. Social impact makes a brand more grounded and in touch with society, allowing the brand to engage deeply with its target audience and its community.

Good Matters in Publicity

Social impact is critical to the work and success of the clients that Publicity For Good works with. Social impact is an important element that allows purpose-driven brands to communicate with their target audience in a deep and profound way, instigating positive change in the community. At the heart of PR is a brand’s ability to communicate effectively with its audience and the public.

Publicity For Good has worked with and grown over 200 purpose-driven brands over the years through effective positioning and capitalizing heavily on a brand’s social consciousness. In line with our mission, we ensure that brands and their advocacies receive the PR services they need to enable and accelerate their respective causes.

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