Jovial Foods Launching Stelline Pasta In May


In light of the recent discontinuation of a popular pasta shape, Jovial Foods is just in time to comfort mourning consumers with their own Stelline Pasta coming this May

January 10, 2023, North Stonington, CT — Much to the dismay of many Italian American families, a popular pasta manufacturer, is discontinuing one of its most beloved noodle varieties. Known for its small, star-shape and versatile nature, the brand’s pasta is a hit among households with kids as well as many Italian American childhoods. Dubbed, Italian Penicillin, these small, noodles have been used as a comfort food for babies and toddlers and are often one of the first solid meals they consume.

As of January 2023, the brand will no longer be manufacturing its pasta variety due to issues with its primary supplier. Families, however, need not fear since Jovial Foods came at the perfect moment to produce their own version of Stelline Pastina, or small star-shaped pasta noodles that aren’t only reminiscent of the soon-discontinued pasta variety, but will also be gluten free. In addition to being gluten free, Jovial pastas are also all certified Glyphosate Residue Free by Project Detox, ensuring that there are no traces of the harmful chemical found in herbicides like Roundup®.

“We have been working on a Stelline pasta for several months now, so this could not have been timed more perfectly”, said Allison Houle, VP of Marketing at Jovial Foods.  “While our pastas are gluten-free, we still choose to use time-honored Tuscan pasta making techniques from long ago, resulting in an elevated taste and texture experience. Our new Stelline pasta is inclusive and will satisfy both the loyal pastina lovers, as well as the growing base of consumers who cannot consume gluten.”

Jovial Foods is an organic Italian food brand based in the US that supplies premium goods directly from Italian farms and manufacturers. Part of Jovial Foods’ mission is to preserve old world traditions and aid individuals afflicted with food intolerances. They have a large portfolio of gluten free, grain free and einkorn wheat products, all of which are perfect for consumers with allergies or special dietary needs.

Jovial’s Stelline pasta is scheduled to launch for direct-to-consumer distribution starting in May 2023 and will be available exclusively at Whole Foods locations starting in June 2023. Other retailers can expect to begin stocking up their shelves with Jovial’s Stelline pasta by January 2024.

Italian Americans don’t have to mourn for too long for the loss of their old pasta. In a few months, an elevated Italian Penicillin in the form of Jovial Foods’ Stelline Pasta will be made available to satisfy their nostalgic pasta needs.

About Jovial Foods, Inc.

Jovial Foods, Inc. was founded by Carla Bartolucci and her husband Rodolfo in 2010 after discovering that their daughter’s health issues were attributed to a sensitivity to modern wheat and gluten. Jovial creates allergen-friendly, ancient varietal, and artisan crafted foods that are manufactured in Italy using traditional old world techniques. Additional jovial products such as einkorn flour, brown rice pasta, einkorn crackers and cookies, beans, and jarred tomatoes can also be found at

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