Services Offered:

  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Round-ups  and listicles
  • Blogger seeding 
  • Awareness Day campaigns 
  • Industry & trade media relations 

Impact Achieved 

  • Total Media Opportunities: 3 including UPROXX, NBC News Channel and CNBC
  • Total Live Links: 2
  • Audience Reach: 5.8M
  • Products Sent: 15


Oleavanti is an award-winning producer of premium bottled Lebanese olive oils straight from their gardens. As a brand, they seek to bring the experience of authentic olive oil, from the land of its origins in Lebanon to American soil and beyond. It’s with their oils that they wish to embody what their name signifies, Olea (the scientific name for the olive tree) and Avanti, the Italian word for Progress. Furthermore, it’s their brand’s mission to sustain the livelihood of local olive growers by maintaining their groves and preserving Lebanon’s heritage.

Oleavanti sought the help of Publicity For Good to help them communicate the true value of their “liquid gold” or olive oil. Olive oil, being a kitchen staple, is ubiquitous in homes and restaurants, so it may be difficult to differentiate from competitors. So Oleavanti wanted to position itself as the only olive oil brand that can give consumers a taste of Lebanon’s rich olive oil culture—all while preserving Lebanon’s rich cultural heritage.

In order to achieve these goals, we had to strategically position Oleavanti as a maker and expert on olive oil production and highlight the importance of their mission to spread awareness and education about Lebanese culture and olive oil’s significance and value for the nation. As such, it’s critical that we target major food, wellness, nutrition and business outlets and influencers for features, product roundups and reviews to establish their product’s premium status and establish their position as a purpose-driven brand that aims to highlight, preserve and appreciate the cultural heritage of Lebanese olive oil.

We were able to secure 3 media opportunities with True Scoops, 2 of which are already live. Our live media opportunities were able to accumulate a total reach of 5.8 million media impressions across several media outlets. We were able to book features with UPROXX, NBC News Channel and CNBC. We were also able to send out a total of 15 product samples to influencers and other media outlets for product features, reviews and roundups.


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