We do much more than just write press releases.

Here’s what we really bring to the table-

We go into a deep-dive into your industry, learn trends,
identify competitors, influencers, stakeholders, and activists.
We find out what makes your audience pay attention.

We use Google Alerts to track mentions of the brand and CEO.
We also monitor your company’s keywords.

We serve as architects of your brand.
We map out a plan rooted on strategy and data that maps out
a path towards your objectives.

We give you an opportunity to maximize our extensive
media reach to increase brand awareness.
We create a comprehensive database of all relevant media outlets and contacts, and we manage the outreach and follow-ups.

Every quarter we will build a brand awareness campaign
around awareness days or seasonal pitching angles

We create opportunities for your products to be seen
and heard. We identify, pitch and manage follow-up with key media
outlets for product reviews and round up features.

We introduce your brands to platforms that matter.
We pitch your company and products to publications
with a real audience.

We introduce the key people behind your business.
We secure key Executive interviews to attract future leaders
and investors, as well as assure stakeholders of company profitability.

We provide measurable retailer-marketing support.
We create awareness that drive consumer to your
brick-and-mortar store.

We write insightful and engaging stories about your business.
We write a press release every quarter and publish it on
PR Newswire, which reaches 250+ media sites.

We make sure you get recognized.
We research and create a comprehensive list of key awards
for your company and leadership to apply for.

Whenever we launch into a new region, or retailer,
OR need to increase sales, we create a strategic plan to focus on
consumer awareness to support sales at the retailer.

We manage trade show PR outreach and contact media
members to drive them to your booth.
We support our clients by finding key influencers for your brand.

We identify opportunities for your product or service.
We create a comprehensive list of key events where we should have
a product, manage the outreach and handle any negotiations.

We put heavy emphasis on digital strategies that capture new
and lost customers through modern tactics.
We employ multiple strategies that drive traffic to your company blog,
website and online store as a means to build strong social audiences.

We engage the right people to represent your business.
We identify bloggers and influencers who align with your brand
to review the brand; share with their community;
become an affiliate; and commit to being a brand ambassador.

We outline four (4) blog posts per month for you to write and publish
to drive more consumers to your website.
We also drive traffic to the Publicity For Good blog by getting media
members to run our version of the blog post.

We make sure everything we do and achieve is measurable.
We track progress every month against your Brand Scorecard;
determine goals and KPIs for next month, and measure advertising

We create and publish all new media features
to the press page on your website.

We hand-selected our client based on impact & innovation. Clients are selected based on their products, branding, innovation & impact. 

Publicity For Good is on a Mission