Publicity For Good is a boutique PR agency for purpose-driven food companies, beverage companies, and health and wellness influencers.


Consumers first. Publicists second.

Publicity For Good is a millennial-run, female-influenced boutique PR agency for food and beverage brands. We are more than publicists—we are activists and advocates of your brand.

Your Public Relations efforts with Publicity For Good is an integrated solution that provides strategic planning for PR support around all product launches, retailer expansions and Executive leadership announcements.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Studying competitors in the space
  • Creating media lists for outreach
  • Managing and creating media messaging
  • Securing product reviews and media features in national media, industry media and regional media
  • Press release distribution, content management and posting press features on the client’s LinkedIn page
  • Managing the company press page
  • Publicity For Good team member on weekly marketing and sales calls

In addition to public relations, we also support clients with the management of their brand influencer and brand ambassador program.

All Public Relations initiatives build brand awareness; increase influence in the market space; increase brand credibility in the industry; and support advertising marketing efforts.

Every Month

We share our monthly goals and review past successes by using your Brand Scorecard.

Every Week

Monthly media campaigns mean weekly conversations with the media about your brand.

Every Launch

All press features and brand announcements are shared to our social network, reaching 80,000+ industry leaders and influencers.

Clients can expect superior client service with on-time, on-budget and on-point communications assistance from qualified and seasoned professionals who truly understand your industry.




We research other competitors in the space, so we can stay ahead of the competition. We follow daily industry news, so we can use breaking news stories as a leverage point to make your company and product relevant at all times. Plus, we keep a close eye on key influencers, stakeholders and activists who we believe will take the brand to the next level.

Social Listening

We use Google Alerts to track mentions of the brand and CEO. We also monitor your company’s keywords, which are decided at the beginning of the contract.

Strategic Plan & Message Development

Right after your kick-off call, we map out a Strategic Plan that’s built around product launches, important events, key retailer support and awareness days. It also includes our monthly launches of unique media campaigns created around the brand. These campaigns enable us to proactively pitch the media. Once we solidify the Strategic Plan, we create timelines, goals and a Brand Scorecard to ensure we are always on track with our progress.

Media Relations

Our daily objective is to reach out to the media on your behalf, so we can increase brand awareness through media features. We create a comprehensive database of all relevant media outlets and contacts, and we manage the outreach and follow-ups. For transparency, we track correspondence and engage in appropriate outreach around key company activities. Plus, we develop an announcement timeline that includes a strategy for product launches around key regions. We also stay vigilant by seeking media features with bloggers and high domain-authority websites to increase traffic to your website.


Brand Awareness Campaigns

Every quarter, we manage a brand awareness campaign by building a media campaign around an Awareness Week or Month. This media campaign allows us to create a buzz around the brand that is consumer facing.


Product Reviews & Round-Ups

We identify, pitch and manage follow-up with key media outlets for product reviews and round up features.


Editorial Pitching

We pitch your company and products to key, national-consumer magazines by following their editorial calendar.

Leadership Interviews

We secure key Executive interviews to attract future leaders and investors, as well as assure stakeholders of company profitability.

PR to Support Retailers

Quarterly, we create a PR Strategic Plan for retailer-marketing support. When your brand launches into new retailers and regions, we create awareness to drive consumer traffic to the store. Whenever possible, we ask the media to tag both your brand and the retailer in social media posts. We can also create a retailer marketing plan if you are ever meeting with a retailer or future buyer.


Press Releases

We write a press release every quarter and publish it on PR Newswire, which reaches 250+ media sites. Each news release is search engine optimized and positioned around company news, national news, new partnerships or many other media angles.


We research and create a comprehensive list of key awards for your company and leadership to apply for. We also manage the award application process.

Retailer Marketing Plan

Whenever we launch into a new region, or retailer, OR need to increase sales, we create a strategic plan to focus on consumer awareness to support sales at the retailer.

Trade Show Support

We manage trade show PR outreach and contact media members to drive them to your booth. When needed, we can support our clients by finding key influencers at your booth.


We create a comprehensive list of key events where we should have a product, manage the outreach and handle any negotiations.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

We put heavy emphasis on digital strategies that capture new and lost customers through modern tactics. These tactics include driving traffic to your company blog, website and online store as a means to build strong social audiences.

Brand Influencer & Brand Ambassador Program

We identify bloggers and influencers who align with your brand to review the brand; share with their community; become an affiliate; and commit to being a brand ambassador. Every quarter, your Brand Ambassadors are asked to review the product and share content with their community.

Content Marketing Management

We outline four (4) blog posts per month for you to write and publish. The goal is to drive more consumers to your website. In addition, we drive traffic to the Publicity For Good blog by getting media members to run our version of the blog post.

Sales Team Support

We identify bloggers and influencers who align with your brand to review the brand; share with their community; become an affiliate; and commit to being a brand ambassador. Every quarter, your Brand Ambassadors are asked to review the product and share content with their community.

Press Page Management

Every month, we create and publish all new media features to the press page on your website.

Benchmark Company Success

We measure success every month against your Brand Scorecard; determine goals and KPIs for next month, and measure advertising equivalence. In addition, this monthly benchmarking includes our competitor research in the space—where we recommend actions based on what the industry or competitors are doing. We guarantee a 3:1 ROI in advertising equivalence by the end of month two (2).