So my name is Lisa Easton. I am the CEO and founder of the Millionaire Morning Mommas Academy and I'm a wealth mentor to women all over the world. I am starting a new luxury bag collection and had a meeting with Heather from Publicity For Good today. And I just had absolutely no idea that she was going to connect so many dots for us. Like, I was just thinking of this as one thing and this as another thing and she has integrated all of that through her brainstorming and her thought process and has actually magnified it. I came to this meeting at this and she has turned it into something so much bigger and has added so much value. So I couldn’t be more grateful for this divine meeting encounter and alignment and more to come. Thank you, Heather!

Lisa Easton - CEO of Millionaire Morning Mommas Academy

I think what you’re doing is amazing. I think your attitude is on-point. I’ve been looking for somebody to do PR for the longest time. I’ve worked with and interviewed a lot of people, and I think you’re amazing. I love your energy and I think you’re just gonna hit it out of the park. So, I’m excited to see what you do.
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Lisa Kopsidas

310Nutrition.com used an agency in its infancy but didn't see anywhere near the level of success that Publicity For Good was able to bring. Having a quote in US News and World Report was a major success. The publication is known for its yearly round-up of diet trends and is well respected in the nutrition space. Securing this further established 310Nutrition as a leading expert; this media placement wouldn't have happened without Publicity For Good. The real ROI of working with Publicity For Good is the friends we make along the way. In all seriousness, the quote attributions and reviews are very valuable to the company as it increases brand awareness and continues to position 310 Nutrition as an expert in the field. Publicity For Good is incredibly agile. As a company with a startup mentality, we're constantly changing and testing news strategies and at every step of the way Publicity For Good was able to pivot in their pitching and outreach strategies. PFG is not only a sensible choice but for any small to medium companies, it's the superior choice when compared to a larger agency. PFG is able to provide specialized attention to your brand and its needs, they are agile restrategize based on our how the company shifted.

Kristopher Kirk - Public Relations of 310 Nutrition

Publicity for Good is one of the best decisions I’ve made as an executive. Heather and her remarkable team know how to craft, narrate, and share your story in a way that truly moves mountains. Heather is one of the most talented media professionals with which I have had the pleasure of working. She gets !@#$ done. Her relationships with the media have produced remarkable results for us, expanded our brand awareness, and helped to celebrate the work we’re doing. You won’t regret the decision to work with P4G, and I look forward to learning more about your great work in the new year.

- Rick Birt | President + CEO of SADD

PFG has been an amazing resource for Eco Lips’ PR efforts. They proactively reach out for media opportunities and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to PR tactics, best practices and have helped build our image and maximize brand awareness. This was our first utilizing a PR firm and it’s been truly amazing seeing the media hits roll in – we’ve been featured in INC, NY Times, Forbes, Whole Foods Magazine and HAPPI to name a few. Great exposure and visibility which has resulted in higher traffic and market share. PFG are wonderful business partners and we’d highly recommend them!

-Kailee Meskimen | Marketing Assistant of Ecol Ips, Inc.

I have never used a PR firm before. I was referred to PFG by a mentor with whom I was working with. I was impressed by the personal touch they provided her and after I heard about all the media she got, I wanted in! I set up a call with Heather who was amazing to speak with. She loved my mission and accepted me as a client. Working with Heather and Bree was amazing. They got me TV segments, guest posts in popular blogs, interviews with Business.com, Forbes and even peaked the interest of INC. I was on multiple podcasts, radio shows and more. In my industry of healthcare, I was featured in some big name publications like Becker's Health Review. The exposure of being in so many media outlets has positioned me as a credible and outstanding leader. My brand has been elevated globally and we are expanding our team due the growth we've experienced since working with PFG. I really loved the personal touch of working with the PFG team each week. They kept me in the loop about what the strategy was, where they were going to get me placed and if I needed to make tweaks and changes in my message. I absolutely recommend PFG for anyone who wants an outstanding and brilliant team working for their business to bring in millions of views and a flood of attention!

-Catie Harris - CEO of NursePreneurs

Working with PFG was a fantastic hands on PR experience. Heather and Wendy were very creative, responsive and motivated to deliver the highest quality work while increasing traffic and brand awareness. Our favorite thing about working with PFG was their can do anything attitude while also being a team player. We would recommend PFG to anyone, any day as they believe in a client service model of excellence which we always appreciated.

-Marissa Schwartz Director of Business Development Beauty Bridge, LLC and My Israel’s Miracle

PFG’s team is a delight to work with, the ideal partner in every way – they not only do a great job for Good Idea, but have become a part of the team and family with their personal touch and care for our product and brand. PFG’s incredible connections across the US in media, and with influencers has succeeded in getting us exposure in hundreds of places, including interviews, radio, podcasts, blogs, industry publications and much much more. We are so grateful for PFG and cannot wait to see what comes next!

- Bjorn Oste | Founder of Oatly and CEO of Good Idea Drinks

Well, there's been a lot to be excited about. We've already done a press release. We're going to do another press release and then another two after that. So we've got three press releases coming up in quick succession. In addition to that having all of the product reviews go out so quickly for Phyto life, we were really just a well-oiled machine working together, that you were the arm that really helped drive us getting all of those out, and we got them out quickly. And now we're just excited to see the results of that, and really the groundswell of this great new product for, you know, vegans. And then in addition to vegan and vegetarian plant people are on plant-based diets. And then in addition to that, I'm seeing the energy behind PCOS advocacy and what we're doing for that. I'm so excited because it's something that needs to be talked about. And it's wonderful that you know, we're able to have a representative go out and have these conversations, and somebody that's a PCOS advocate, and just a really awesome registered dietician. So this is all been really exciting. And I'm just excited to see what more we're going


I think finding the right agency is important to find a partnership. And I think that's why we work so well together. And why I'm so excited is we're truly a partnership where we go over what our promotions are, what we have coming up what the awareness months are, and we figure out where we can collaborate. And this is the first time I've experienced that level of collaboration. And someone that really understands social media and groundswell the way you do. And that's been so wonderful to feel that and have that experience. It's critical. And honestly, if you're really focused on digital marketing, and social and groundswell, and you know, the power of it, and you've experienced the power of it, and in marketing, you know that finding an agency that truly understands it and has and has mastered it. It's just really important to what we do. So that's what I would look for, honestly, is an agency that can really help you in a more holistic way, rather than doing just one thing. Because everything has multiple touchpoints. Everything has a groundswell. People look to, you know, social media, their friends and family influencers to figure out what products are great. I love it.


“Working with Heather has increased our exposure across the country. Her ability to garner high profile interviews with the press like Huffington Post, Bustle, CNN, iHeart Media, Beasley Media and USA Radio Network has given me the confidence to speak clearly and concisely to each audience, sharing from the heart. Heather is goes the extra mile to create talking points with us as our topic can be weighty. She is a delight to work with and I’m clear on her commitment to getting the word out for heart based Entrepreneurs. You want to work with this amazing woman.”

Jan Edwards – National Advocate For Human Trafficking, Founder of Paving The Way

“While only having worked with Publicity for Good (so far), all expectations have been exceeded and the time to results was shorter than I could have possibly hoped for. I would (and do) happily recommend Heather and her team to anyone looking to get their name or product out there!” Eric Termuende – Author, Speaker Co-Founder of NOW Innovations “Publicity for Good and Heather have provided me TV exposure for my newly released book, and helped me to develop relationships in related field while helping me to become established as an authority in my field.”

Jeff Lazarus – Branded With Authority

“Heather has an unending, passionate ability to authentically connect with her clients, understand their goals and work hard on their behalf to drive results. Representing our designer women’s race series, new to Columbus, Ohio, Heather was able to secure live TV and radio segments in addition to numerous digital placements. Her quick efforts help us to increase our visibility among local female runners to drive registration and increase impressions for our sponsors. We were so impressed with the momentum she gained in a short period of time.”

Lindsay Sachs – Founder Esprit de She

“Heather and her team have already done so much for me and it’s only been a few weeks! I’m already seeing increased sales on my book and a big boost to the number of people signing up to my Academy. She has me busy with multiple interviews per week with some big media outlets that would have been impossible for me to land my myself. Thanks Heather!”

Matthew Ganzak – Best Selling Author of The Million Dollar Plan, Owner of ScaleUP Media, LLC

“We weren’t previously working with a PR agency and knew the power of PR based off past success when Eco Lips was founded. A post card with Heather’s contact info was dropped off the booth at Natural Products Expo West. When I had the budget approve to hire an agency again, I set up an interview call with Heather and her services felt like a great fit for what we were looking for. Timing is so important, and Publicity For Good ensures pitch strategies are aligned with editorial calendars. We have gotten amazing press that has helped grow our company both from a trade and consumer standpoint. Heather and her team are a pleasure to work with! We have had some amazing article mentions for both Eco Lips and Bug Soother brands including The Dodo, E! Entertainment, Buzzfeed, Yahoo News, Forbes, and Happi. Additionally, Steve Shriver, our Founder and CEO has had great interviews with USA Today and Fortune Magazine.”

Jane — Eco Lips

“We’ve loved working with you and PFG as well. It’s been mutually beneficial for us both! We needed to drive brand awareness and connect with like-minded bloggers, influencers, and media members that shared our values. PFG provided a comprehensive PR program for us. From a thematic pitching calendar that aligned with ours to securing countless live links from media members of all backgrounds and followings, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the results they’ve driven for our brand. Heather is transparent and offers up great ideas – I feel she truly knows our brand and what the media expects and wants from us. PR constantly evolving and PFG kept up with the everchanging landscape and insights. We had the opportunity to work with PFG for 2 years. During this time, we got to know many of the talented publicists and client service managers who helped keep Eco Lips in the spotlight. Their knowledge of the PR landscape and experience in the industry helped secure many great media hits, resulting in more brand awareness and brick and mortar retail support. We’d recommend any purpose-driven brands to partner with PFG.Eco Lips

Kailee — Eco Lips

“Parkbench is a fast growing and innovative firm that is looking to continually disrupt the way our industry does business, For us, having a PR Agency that wanted to approach their work with this same mindset was a non-negotiable. We’ve enjoyed the process working with Publicity for Good and continue to value this partnership as we both grow into the future!”

Grant Findlay-Shirras – CEO Parkbench.com

It is clear that you know what you are doing and that you eat, live and breath what you do.

Prospector Popcorn

" I just had absolutely no idea that she was going to connect so many dots for us "

Lisa Easton, CEO/Founder Millionaire Morning Mamas

" I have had probably no success without their help."

Dre Fox, Instagram Coach

" Honestly, one of my favorite things working with Heather and her team is that they really care about you. "

Evelyn Huynh, Business and Life Coach

" Talk about ROI and really getting people in the door... the PR, the team, everybody is so beautiful the check-ins, I just literally love them "

Melissa Ruiz, Soulpreneur Business Coach

" I've been featured in publications such as Life & Style, Conscious-Company, I also have some upcoming TV spots that they are working on. "

Kayla Ybanez, Launching expert

" They have helped me go from regional recognition to national brand recognition. "

Joyce Dales, Buzzagogo and Maker of Cold Bee Gone

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