Meet the


Two heads are always better than one. In our case, we have 15–and we’re pretty proud of all of them. 

We thrive in a culture that nurtures different personalities and perspectives. We play to our strengths, leverage on our different experiences, and celebrate our individuality—and believe us when we say our backgrounds are as diverse as they come.
We’re bound however by the relentless drive to demonstrate why we’re so much more than just your publicists. The PFG team shares a solid work ethic that allows us to deliver results while making an impact in the community with that distinct and personal PFG touch. The result? A team that becomes unwavering activists and advocates of your brand who was able to collectively secure over 10,000 media opportunities for our clients.

At The Helm of PFG is Heather DeSantis..

As the heart and creative powerhouse at the center of PFG, Heather, alongside her team,
creates campaigns that not only command attention, but prompt action and
inspire compassion from consumers as well.
She guides clients through the PFG Path—a process driven approach to PR that delivers
measurable results and translates to real ROI for businesses.

Hello, my name is Heather— I’m in the business of giving your brand a voice. Everything that you want to say about your product, anything that you want to highlight to make your service stand out—that’s what I’m here for. I don’t do it alone. I work with a talented (and growing) team who share my unique vision. Together, we push the boundaries of what PR can do for your business; and by doing so we’re carving out a radically different path from the industry standard. It’s still as effective (if not more so), but infinitely more fulfilling and gratifying. When we say we’re disrupting the entire PR industry. it’s not lip service. Everything we do at PFG is anchored on our ability to create social impact. It stems from my long-standing passion for volunteerism and philanthropy. And I’m lucky enough to have found like-minded employees who are equally driven to make a difference in this world—one PR campaign at a time. And now here we are…

Heather has been mentioned in the media 577+ times!

…A company, 15-employees strong, built from the diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills of people from all over the world. We service a growing roster of clients who I’m proud to say shares our passion for social good. Because for us, profit doesn’t have to come at the expense of purpose. And every successful campaign that we have launched is a testament to this ideal. So no matter what you want to shout about—we’re here to help you do it. We’ll even do some good while we’re at it. And trust me when I say that we won’t just do it for you… we’ll do it with you. Client centric mission Our passion is to help purpose driven brands grow their impact and ROI as their PR team to help them become industry leaders in space.



Publicity For Good is on a Mission