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Since the beginning, Publicity For Good has dedicate itself to providing high quality and impactful public relations services exclusively to passionate, socially responsible and purpose-driven brands. In our core, we want to leave a lasting impression on the world and help make it a better place to live for everyone. Through our services, we’ve hoped to help our clients extend their reach so they can continue spreading good in a world that needs it. 



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1. Financially giving back

Publicity For Good specializes in working with purpose-driven brands and non-profit organizations. One of our core values is giving back to causes that align with our clients’ and our own missions.

To fulfill this, we actively contribute to the missions of our clients both financially and through our purpose-driven PR process that can help them gain a wider reach. By doing so, we’re not only supporting our clients’ missions, but we’re aiding them in making a positive impact on the world.

2. Our Time

We love being directly involved with the missions of our many clients. We at Publicity For Good always make it a point to seek out opportunities where we can give our time to actively participate in their many mission-driven projects and activities to lend a helping hand to make the community a little bit better.

PFG Impact Stories

These are just some of the brands Publicity For Good has actively aided in fulfilling their missions. On a daily basis, we aim to do good, and we’re so glad that we can extend do it through the growth of our clients.

Company Impact Stories

Through the relentless support that our department has done for our clients, we have helped them achieve much through the power of highly effective PR. With the help of our trusted employees and the work they do for PFG, we have extended our help to the following brands that have agreed to sign-up with us.


Our giving stories are created by our people, they decide which of the 500+ B1G1 Causes we support. Every cent donated contributes to the positive impacts created by the B1G1 Business Community. Have a read below at how our specific business processes trigger giving impacts.

Company Giving Stories

These are the projects that Team Medical has decided to donate to based on company triggers that affect the whole business and occur on a daily basis.

Team Medical has just added 2 company giving stories to help support farmers affected by the floods in Australia and also to provide emergency relief support to the people of Ukraine.

Department Giving Stories

These are the projects that our various departments within Team have chosen to donate to based on daily triggers that affect their departments. These will change from time to time depending on what the departments want to donate to and what their most relevant triggers are.

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