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Publicity For Good is a communications and PR agency dedicated to helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses in the food, beverage, beauty, and fashion industries grow their reach, impact, and revenue through strategic PR and media placements.

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve  partnered with over 200 brands in a variety of industries, from sustainable fashion to social impact startups, helping them secure coverage in top-tier media outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Fast Company.

Through our proven PR process and personalized coaching, we’ve helped our clients elevate their brand messaging, establish thought leadership, and attract more customers and investors.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level and make a positive impact in the world, we invite you to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. Click the button below to get started.

The "Good Impact Framework" as the process

PFG Elite Products

If businesses want to succeed in today’s world, they need to play at the highest level to rise to the top. The problem is that the CPG market is a crowded place, which means it takes strong communication strategies to surpass the competition. Having an intentional plan to help your company grow is non-negotiable. The truth is that the core of any business is its internal and external communications, which can be challenging to put in place when you are busy running a million-dollar revenue company. That’s why Publicity for Good offers a first-class all-encompassing program for purpose-driven consumer products brands looking to increase their growth, visibility, and ROI. This year-long program is designed for the company that wants to be the leading, premier brand in their space (no second-place trophies allowed!).



PFG Pillars

Publicity For good stands on 3 key pillars for success: Intentional Execution, Transparent Teamwork and being Mission Obsessed:



In achieving our goals, we are relentless and have a razor-sharp focus on meeting deadlines and keeping our Key Performance Indicators. We are outcome-based and believe in delivering only high-quality results for our clients.


We pride ourselves on having a team-oriented culture. We value and encourage clear and open communication between team members as well as clients. We understand the importance of being transparent with each other in order to avoid miscommunication and conflict. We also understand the value of celebrating wins, both big and small to keep us motivated as an agency and to show our enthusiasm and passion for the work that we do.


In Publicity For Good, we are obsessed with delivering only the best service for our clients. We always keep ahead of trends and relentlessly follow-up with leads and respond to our clients concerns in a timely manner. Satisfying our clients is paramount to all we do and through having a growth mindset, we’re committed to improving all our systems and practices so we can constantly do better for our clients.

The Founder

Founder and CEO, Heather Holmes, knows the importance of communication, marketing, and community when it comes to growing your brand.

“PFG has built a reputation as the country’s number one PR agency for CPG brands that have social good causes built into their DNA.”


PFG is a PR and communications firm that is committed to helping purpose-driven brands grow, increase their ROI, and make more impact so they can continue to do good with their holistic products.




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Problem Solution

The Failure We Help You Avoid

  • Watching their competitors become leader in their industry
  • Stagnant or decreased revenue
  • No  business growth

The Success We Help You Achieve

  • Your business will grow at least a 100K in revenue or we will or we will continue to work for you for free
  • Consistent media exposure
  • Streamlined communication and marketing strategy so they can focus on doing more good in the world

The Plan with PFG

How to create a plan for communications

So this is our plan to get you these things

Case Studies :

What They Say

Brands we have served and share they we have partnered with more than 200+ brands:

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We create the future.
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Value Stack Pricing

For just $ 100 you get:

  • 60 minutes consultation call to make sure we are a good fit

($1,000 Value)

  •  Intake sales and marketing survey

($5,000 Value)

  •  1-on-1 PR and Communications Orientation where we explain: 

– How PR and Communications will grow your business
– How to incorporate your current team and partners for full integration
– Personalized PR plan
– 5min morning routine to stay ahead of industry trends

($500 Value) 

  •  Competitor analysis   

($1,000 Value) 

  • Media monitoring through a third-party software

($3,000 Value)

  • Personalized message development of a Message House, PR Plan and
    Editorial Calendar

($5,000 Value)

  • Monthly SMS text support with the CEO

($1,000 Value)

  • Media training

($500 Value)

  • Ongoing talk notes and segment details preparation for all media

($5,000 Value)

  • Media list curation of media members that have covered similar topics and
    competitors in the past

($1,000 Value)

  • Media opportunities in the first 30 days

($5000 Value)

  • 30 minute onboarding call

($500 Value)

  • 60 minute onboarding call

($1,000 Value)

  • 60 minute strategy and PR call

($1,000 Value)

  • 1-on-1 feedback meeting to make adjustments to your plan

($500 Value)

  • Weekly check in to ensure we are on track

($250 Value)

  • 60 minute Zoom session at the end of 90 days to evaluate our progress

($500 Value)

  • Unlimited email and slack support

($250 Value)

  • Our PR course, the RICH formula, how to create your story brand

($500 Value)

  • Story brand workshop & cheatsheet (pre-recorded)

($2,000 Value)

  • The Elite Comms email newsletter

($50 Value)

  • Free Elite Comms connection group (on slack)

($200 Value)

  • Monthly Media relations and Public Relations outreach and support

($10,000 Value)

  • National Media outreach

($10,000 Value)

  • “The Elite Comms Purpose Driven Brands Goodie Bag” mailed to you (all
    the fun things you need for a great year and products from all of our clients)

($1,000 Value)

  • How To Incorporate PR Into Your Marketing Plan Guidebook (PDF

($100 Value)

  • How To Prep For A Trade Show (PDF handouts)

($100 Value)

  • The Perfect CPG News Release Checklist (PDF handouts)

($100 Value)

  • How To Increase Your Visibility & Authority On LinkedIN To Be Seen As A
    Leader (PDF Hangouts)

($100 Value)

  • The Exact Framework To Follow To Integrate Your PR & Communications
    With Your Email List (Checklist with training

($100 Value)

  • The PR and Communications Repurposed Content Plan (A diagram and
    process that your team can follow)

($100 Value)

  • How To Incorporate Consumer Product Reviews In Your Marketing

($100 Value)

  • Top Industry Websites & Podcasts That You Need To Listen To (List)

($250 Value)

  • How To Communicate To Your Team and Investors About Your PR and
    Communication Value (Checklist & Talking Points PDF)

($250 Value)

  • Creation of your elevator pitch and how to talk to the media

($1,000 Value)

  • Monthly Virtual Meetup (Live on Zoom and recorded)

($600 Value)

  • Social listening

($13,000 Value)

  • Media logos incorporated into marketing with media quotes compiled

($1,000 Value)

  • Backlinks strategy integrated into your PR plan

($500 Value)

  • News monitoring

($1,000 Value)

  • Digital media outreach

($1,000 Value)

  • Press tours

($1,000 Value)

  • Podcast pitching

($1,000 Value)

  • Grassroots outreach and product sampling

($1,000 Value)

  • Regional press to support retailers

($3,000 Value)

  • Product launch strategy

($5,000 Value)

  • Product reviews

($500 Value)

  • Listicles and product round-ups

($1,000 Value)

  • Affiliate marketing

($5,000 Value)

  • Awards management

($5,000 Value)

  • Influencer research and outreach

($3,000 Value)

  • Monthly graphic design support to promote your media interviews and
    live hits

($500 Value)

  • Quarterly social media giveaways with like minded brands

($500 Value)

  • Editorial calendar with blog posts written quarterly of the best live links

($1,000 Value)

  • News release writing, strategy and syndication

($1,000 Value)

  • Weekly calls

($500 Value)

  • Monthly reporting with press reports

($500 Value)

  • Promotion of your brand weekly across all of our social media platforms
    reaching X people

($500 Value)

  • Support and training to ensure full integration of your PR within your
    marketing plan

($500 Value)

  • Full interaction into your weekly marketing call where a team members of
    PFG will attend your internal calls

($500 Value)

  • Locked-in follow up consultation with CEO or Senior Publicist good for 1
    year if you need support

($1,000 Value)

  • Quarterly product content shoots

($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $ 108,050

Publicity For Good (PFG) is a communications firm that provides high-level and innovative public relations services for purpose-driven consumer brands in the food, beverage, and beauty industries. Our mission is to help brands grow, increase their return on investment, and maximize their impact so that they can continue doing good work.

Founded in 2016 by Heather DeSantis, former Miss Ohio International and Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, PFG has built a reputation as the country’s leading PR agency for CPG brands with a social cause at their core. Our team is committed to helping our clients increase brand awareness, saturate the market, drive web traffic, and boost sales through our unique PR framework.

At PFG, we specialize in working with direct-to-consumer (D2C) and retail brands and have partnered with over 200 businesses to help them succeed. Our founder’s passion for conscientious capitalism, which she studied at The Fund for American Studies at Georgetown University, drives us to give back to the community. We are proud to be a part of the B1G1 organization and make a positive impact with every campaign we launch.

We are proud to have been recognized as Bulldog PR Awards Gold Small Agency of the Year (2019), O’Dwyer’s Best PR Firm for CPG Brands (2020), and Bulldog PR Awards Bronze Midsize Agency of the Year (2021). Our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver results have made us one of the fastest-growing women-led companies in the marketing communications space. We serve clients across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom and provide each one with seamlessly integrated PR services that help them become leaders in their respective industries.

Choose Publicity For Good for a PR partner that truly believes in the power of purpose-driven brands and is dedicated to helping them succeed.

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