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At Publicity For Good, we understand what it’s like to oppose the big, unethical industry. We’re a counter-culture PR firm that’s combatting it every day. Our team has over a decade of publicity experience and is comprised of entrepreneurial-minded individuals who understand the challenges and fears of running a purpose-driven brand.

Our mission is to help purpose-driven consumer brands reach new audiences, increase their authority and credibility, and ultimately make a positive impact on the world. We believe that good publicity is essential for companies looking to improve their society and make a real difference in their industry.

Our unique PR process begins with a thorough research of your brand, your competitors, and your goals. We then work with you to develop a customized PR plan that integrates with your promotions and maximizes your impact. Our team manages all aspects of PR, including media relations, influencer seeding, product launch strategy, and geo-targeting for local retailers. We also provide graphic design support and help our clients maximize their PR into their overall marketing plan.

When you work with Publicity For Good, you can expect to be onboarded with a kick-off call where we review your goals and begin researching your brand. We build a PR/ editorial plan that’s integrated with your promotions and begin pitching the media within the first 30 days. Throughout our partnership, we become obsessed with your brand and act as both your consumers and advocates.

Our ultimate goal is to help you become a leader in your industry or space. We do this by providing expert guidance, objective perspectives, and time and resource management so that you can focus on growing your business. By working with Publicity For Good, you can avoid the opportunity costs of not having good publicity, increase your confidence, validation, and perceived value, and transform from a small operation to a respected, recognized, and intentional difference-maker.

At Publicity For Good, we help our clients achieve their goals by providing them with a comprehensive PR and communication strategy. We specialize in working with purpose-driven consumer brands and help them reach new audiences, increase their authority and credibility, and increase their social currency. We understand that our clients want to be recognized as leaders in their industry and we work with them to redirect their focus to their purpose and passion.

We also help our clients build trust among their followers and enter the conversation among emerging trends and news. By executing effective PR campaigns and leveraging our media relationships, we help our clients reach a wider audience and improve their brand reputation.

Whether our clients are looking to become famous, better their company, or share their voice and connect with their audience, we are committed to helping them achieve their goals and become leaders in their space.

Publicity For Good helps their clients transform from feeling fearful, inexperienced, insignificant, and lacking in value to becoming confident, experienced, knowledgeable, respected, and recognized leaders in their space. They help clients become pioneers and difference-makers with an intention to do good, redirecting them towards their purpose and passion.

At Publicity For Good, we guide our clients through a transformation from feeling overwhelmed and lacking confidence to becoming a respected, recognized leader in their space, with a clear intention to do good in the world

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