AnnMarie Skin Care

Services Offered:

  • Full- Service Traditional & Digital Public Relations Outreach 
  • Product Launch Campaigns and strategic product launches 
  • Product reviews 
  • Blogger seeding 
  • Thought Leadership 
  • Industry & trade media relations 
  • News release distribution 


Impact Achieved

  • Total reach of 98.14M media impressions
  • 32 live media features in various forms in local, regional and national publications including Daily Star UK, Insider, Cheatsheet, Your Tango, Well+Good, Fox Denver, KHtS Radio LA Radio, the Brunette Eco Diva, National Examiner, Well Insiders and more.


Annmarie Skin Care is a proprietor of highly effective, potent and completely organic skin care products. They’ve cemented their reputation for being a brand known for extremely high standards in quality and sourcing as a result of their specialized wildcrafted process. Annmarie Skin Care sets itself apart from the competition by owning a highly intentional selection and manufacturing process to promote maximum potency and effectiveness. Annmarie sought the aid of Publicity for Good so it can amplify its reach and fully capitalize on its unique brand and products. It was truly a privilege to help grow this brand so they can continue to share their advocacy of promoting all-natural products and intentional proprietorship for businesses.

Publicity for good offered its services as a comprehensive public relations firm to craft a comprehensive public relations, messaging, and communications campaign to secure product roundups, reviews, features, interviews and other opportunities with large and small media outlets as well as popular blogs, podcasts and influencers. Annmarie brand recognition and familiarity with media and industry leaders.

In our 9-month-long partnership, we were able to secure over 40 media opportunities for Annmarie that spanned several forms of media including print, digital, radio, product testimonials, and endorsements. Of these opportunities, 32 are already live. The biggest features we’ve secured for Annmarie include a feature in the Daily Star UK, Insider, Cheatsheet, and Your Tango. We were also able to book Well + Good, Fox denver, khts radio LA Radio, the Entrepreneur Podcast, National Examiner, and many other outlets in the beauty and wellness genres. Collectively, we have accumulated over 98 million media impressions.

Publicity For Good’s campaign with AnnMarie skin Care has allowed the brand to become more visible in the beauty and cosmetics industry — essentially positioning Annmarie as a leader in sustainable and reliable skin care products.

AnnMarie Skin Care is a company well known for its collection of effective and organic skin care products. It has a stellar reputation for extremely high standards in quality and materials sourcing for its wildcrated manufacturing process. Publicity For Good offered its services to AnnMarie Skincare over a 9-month long partnership which resulted in 40 media opportunities across several media outlets in the form of print, digital and radio features, product testimonials and endorsements, all of which accumulated a total of over 98 million media impressions.


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