Bowmar Nutrition

Founded by celebrity fitness expert, entrepreneur and altruist, Sarah Bowmar, Bowmar Nutrition answers the need for a premium sports nutrition brand that is dedicated to combining advanced technology and a profound understanding of user preference in the development of all its products. Bowmar Nutrition is founded on the premise of fueling people’s dreams and it does this by: first, providing athletes, body builders, and fitness enthusiasts with top-of-the-line options for their supplement needs, and; second, by extending help to those who need it. Sarah asked for the help of Publicity For Good (PFG) to make sure that people not only see and hear about Bowmar Nutrition, but to actually pay attention to what the brand has to offer, and to make a lasting difference in the community. 

We were able to accomplish the Bowmar Nutrition’s objectives through article writing for Sarah, syndicating her blog’s articles, securing regional TV interviews on ABS, CBS, NBC and FOX; securing national media interviews and product review opportunitiesWe knew exactly what needed to be done. First is to boost the already amazing reputation of Sarah Bowmar as a health and fitness expert and use that as the entry point to promote Bowmar Nutrition. Next, increase positive product reviews both on websites and social media. Third, make sure that the brand and its specific offerings are seen in listicles and other relevant seasonal stories. We heavily focused on product reviews targeting national health, women’s health, men’s health, fitness, nutrition and niche media such as outdoors and active media. We also leveregaed on sarah’s credentials as an RD to quote her in major media outlets and pitched her to morning shows as a guest.

It only took us 8 months to secure 85 top tier guestings and features for Sarah Bowmar.  These included national morning shows, regional talk shows and features in fitness round-ups. We also made sure that she was constantly being tapped by various publications as a resource person for anything fitness related. Some key hits included Popsugar, Eat This Not That, and MSN. Overall, all our efforts translated to a total of estimated reach of 2,008,400,448 media impressions for Sarah Bowmar.

Bowmar Nutrition, on the other hand was able to obtain 51 live media opportunities accumulating a total reach of 127,355,324 media impressions. These media opportunities came from a variety of media outlets in the fitness and lifestyle industry as well as other well-known publications such as Before It’s News, Disrupt Magazine, NerdWallet, Ms. Fitness, Stack3D, It’s Free At Last and many others. In addition to this, features of Bowmar Nutrition products w in listicles and fitness-related articles streamed in. Tapping models and fitness influencers, we made sure that the positive words being said about the brand and its products are echoed on Instagram.

We were also able to send out 22 product samples across a variety of media members including HBW Insight, Pitchfork, Readers Digest Online, InnoVision Health Media, Leaf Group, The Scary Mommy and Eat This, Not that among many others.

Through our collective PR effort, Bowmar Nutrition enjoyed a significant increase in share of voice as well as online sales. Sarah herself also expressed that all the features even helped bring in new inquiries for her personal practice.

Services Offered: 

Listicles and Round-Ups

Television and Radio Guestings

Thought Leadership

Retail Press Engagement

Product Reviews

Digital and Traditional PR


Impact Achieved:

51 live media opportunities for Bowmar Nutrition

Generated a total reach of 127,355,324 media impressions for Bowmar Nutrition

85 live Media Opportunities for Sarah Bowmar

Generated a total reach of 2,008,400,448 media impressions for Sarah Bowmar

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