Cayla Craft

Services Offered:

  • Media Relations
  • Press Support
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Digital and Traditional PR
  • Expert Interviews

Impact Achieved

  • Audience Reach: 1.147B media impressions
  • 14 live media features with a variety of media outlets including Swaay, Business insider, WGEM, Thrive, Medium, FOX LA, Medium-Authority Magazine, Bloom TV-WFLA, The Flashpoint, Motherhood-Moment
  • Publicity Value: $355,000+

Dignity Coconuts was established by its owners’ drive and passion to provide jobs and regain the dignity of individuals suffering from abject poverty. The brand found its place of operation in the remote province of Bicol in the Philippines. Through their efforts, they’ve provided fair wages and career opportunities to locals in the area who suffer daily from poverty and the looming thought of feeling less than everyone simply because they lack skills, knowledge and opportunities.

empowering women and mothers like her to achieve success and earn millions like her. Since starting her movement, she aspired to help over 1 million women earn their first million dollars. Publicity For Good was tasked with the challenge of elevating Cayla’s brand and increasing awareness around her movement so that more women can reap the benefits of her skills, resources and mentorship.

Publicity For Good heavily leveraged Cayla Craft’s reputation as an expert in her field and author that’s guided women in achieving their financial goals. We highlighted a lot of Cayla Craft’s core beliefs, emphasizing that all women have the capacity to become successful entrepreneurs and millionaires. Additionally, Publicity For Good advocated for the feminine approach to sales which is central to Cayla Craft’s message. To make the most out of our efforts, Publicity For Good increased exposure and sought out opportunities around awareness months and days such as Self Improvement Month, American Business Women’s Day, Emotional Wellness Month, National Family Caregiver Month, National Day of Giving, National Millionaire Day and National Entrepreneurship Month.

In our time working together in 2020, we were able to accumulate a total of 26 media opportunities across several digital media platforms, 14 of which are already live. The media opportunities we collected for Cayla craft reached an estimated 1.147 billion media impressions. These opportunities included features and interviews in major online news outlets such as 3 stories in Business Insider, Medium, FOX LA, Medium-Authority Magazine, Thrive Global. We were also able to book opportunities with news and radio networks and popular blogs including Motherhood Moment, The Flashpoint, Bloom Tv-WFLA which is a syndicated radio show that reaches 36 million people, Swaay, WGEM. Our opportunities collected for Cayla Craft had an estimated publicity value of more than $355K.


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