Dignity Coconuts

Services Offered:

  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Round-ups and listicles
  • Blogger seeding 

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 58 including Forbes, News Break, UK Today News, World News Era, Authority Magazine, KHTS Radio – LA, Beautiful Mommies Blog, Natural Solutions: Vibrant Health, Balanced Living, It’s Free at Last, NewsBreak, First Time Parent Magazine, Reporter Wings, Business Breaking News and Natural Solutions among several others
  • Total Live Links: 43
  • Audience Reach: 321.24M
  • Products Sent: 29
  • Publicity Value: $179,118+ as of November 2022


Dignity Coconuts was established by its owners’ drive and passion to provide jobs and regain the dignity of individuals suffering from abject poverty. The brand found its place of operation in the remote province of Bicol in the Philippines. Through their efforts, they’ve provided fair wages and career opportunities to locals in the area who suffer daily from poverty and the looming thought of feeling less than everyone simply because they lack skills, knowledge and opportunities.

Dignity Coconuts sought Publicity For Good for help expanding awareness about the brand, their mission and products. The brand wanted to boost sales through positive product reviews. Dignity Coconuts also wanted to develop partnerships with key influencers for collaborations and mentions. Our ideal coverage included features in top food, business and sustainability publications where the brand can be recognized both for its products and its mission. It’s also important for us to focus our attention on key awareness periods in order to maximize the reach of our media opportunities.

In the span of 3 months, Publicity For Good’s campaign secured a total of 43 media opportunities, 36 of which are live across a variety of media outlets and generated over 321 million media impressions from their live features from October to December of 2022. Among our opportunities that converted into top-tier digital and print media outlets and blogs such as Forbes, News Break, UK Today News, World News Era, Beautiful Mommies Blog and Authority Magazine. We were also able to send out a total of 27 product samples to key media outlets.As of November, the total value of publicity we’ve accumulated for Dignity Coconuts is estimated to be $179,118.

Through our efforts, Dignity Coconuts was recognized by several key publications as a brand that not only produces premium quality coconut oil-based products but also as a brand that fights for equity, especially in impoverished communities such as the Bicol region in the Philippines. Dignity Coconuts was also able to enjoy an increase in traffic to its website. 

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