Eco Lips National Lipstick Day

Services Offered:

  • Listicles and Roundups
  • Product Reviews
  • Thought Leadership
  • Retail Press Management
  • Product Launch Strategies
  • Niche Press Engagement
  • Digital and Traditional PR
  • Blogger Seeding

Impact Achieved

  • 70 product samples sent out to various media outlets and personalities including Donamy Steele, Ashley Anderson, Good Housekeeping, Philly Magazine, People Magazine, The Simple Moms, LA’s The Place Magazine among many others
  • Over 19,000,000 total media impressions across various outlets
  • 39 Live media opportunities from a variety of outlets including Erica Bunker, Parenting Healthy, A Year of Boxes, Lou Lou Girls, Shop With Me Mama, The Mommy Factor, Fashion 360 Magazine Online, The Style Boutique, Blacktie Magazine, Parenting Healthy and Make Up By Renren among many others.

Eco Lips, a certified B Corporation, is known for manufacturing the beauty industry’s best USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified™ lip care products. Their corporation centers their business on the triple bottom line, mainly people, planet and profits. Eco Lips is a corporation comprised of passionate individuals with over 100 years of experience creating premium lipsticks and lip balms that support active and sustainable living.

Eco Lips sought the help of Publicity For Good to generate awareness around lip and cheek tints and other such products in preparation for National Lipstick Day. To achieve this, Publicity For Good positioned the company such that they highlight the key benefits they provide for consumers, the community, the planet and its superior formulation. Publicity For Good targeted local, regional and national media outlets that focus on natural and organic products, eco-living and parenting publications to penetrate Eco Lips’ primary audience.

National Lipstick Day was held on July 29, 2022. Prior to the event, Publicity For Good was able to collect a total of 39 live media opportunities with an accumulated reach of 19,204,775 media impressions for Eco Lips and its line of premium lip products. These opportunities ranged from product features, gift guides, product reviews, product roundups and National Lipstick Day themed articles. Publicity For Good was also able to send out 70 product samples to various media outlets and personalities to ask for features and reviews.

The abundance and variety of media opportunities gained for Eco Lips established the brand as a top contender in the premium lip product market and recognized them as a purpose-driven brand that gives back to the community. The nature of the media opportunities also gave way for their customers to interact with the brand during a critical awareness period through giveaways and contests that feature beauty products.


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