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Eco Lips is a certified B Corporation that’s also known as the original organic lip balm brand. They are famous for manufacturing the best USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified™ lip care products FOR the world using 100% renewable energy. Their products are Non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified, and gluten-free.  Publicity For Good was tasked by Eco Lips to acquire as many live links as possible in the form of quality product reviews and interviews with the CEO. Having founded an entire industry, Eco Lips is leveraging on its unique offer to further boost its popularity.

We at Publicity For Good pinned our focus on building relationships with various key members of the press and influencers across various platforms to collect the needed reviews and placements. For 3 months, Publicity For Good took on a relentless approach to taking over Eco Lips’ publicity efforts and it has resulted in over 30 media opportunities in national media, beauty-focused publications, regional media, and publications in the cosmetics industry.

From July of 2021 to 2022, we’ve gathered a total of 159 live media coverages for Eco Lips in the form of blogs, gift guides, digital and print media, and an abundance of reviews that have had a total reach of over 29 billion. Some of our biggest hits from  major outlets include Readers Digest, Yahoo!, Style Craze, Life & Style Magazine, The Fashion Spot, BuzzFeed, and MSN. We were also able to secure opportunities with industry figures and bloggers such as Another Mother Runner, Lola’s Secret Beauty, Beauty Love Booze, It’s Free… At Last!, Blogging and Living, and Lou Lou Girls.

The abundance of media exposure has undoubtedly aided in driving sales for both new and existing Eco Lips products. Having a solid foundation of reviews and recommendations also cements this brand’s reputation as a reliable holistic B corporation that’s dedicated to helping everyone in their supply chain — from the planet to the growers and down to the consumer.

Eco Lips is known as America’s original organic lip balm brand. This certified B Corporation is recognized for their premium products that are made using 100% renewable energy. Eco Lips prides itself as a product that produces goods that are for the world with their Non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified, gluten-free and minimal carbon-footprint lip balms. Publicity For Good was able to secure over 30 local, regional and national media opportunities with beauty and cosmetics-focused publications. With over 159 live media coverages in the form of blogs, gift guides, digital and print media and product reviews, Eco Lips was able to collect over 29 billion media impressions. This astounding number resulted in a significant boost in sales for new and existing products thanks to an abundance of reviews and the brand’s green reputation.

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