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As the world’s most trusted supplier of Noble Kava, FijiKava® is a medicinal company based in Australia that provides an efficacious, natural solution to calm and soothe nerves, support muscle relaxation, increase mind relaxation and induce sleep. FijiKava® is the first and only foreign company with approval from the Fijian Government to operate in the kava industry and the world’s first listed kava company (ASX:FIJ).

For those who are unaware, Noble Kava is a medicinal plant used by Fijians to promote better sleep and relaxation for the past 3,000 years. They are believed to be Fijians’ secret as to why they were voted as the happiest, most relaxed nation in the world. FijiKava® focuses on bringing this secret elixir of joyful calm and relaxed culture to the world. 

When FijiKava® approached Publicity For Good, their main goal was to create awareness about their products and establish themselves as a credible company with truly efficacious, scientifically proven products. They were just entering the U.S. market then, and really needed help with PR. Needless to say, we were more than happy to lend a hand.

We helped FijiKava® to launch a series of press campaigns targeting national and local outlets that their market turns to for product recommendations, including news programs, natural lifestyle websites, and trade publications. We also worked on getting the brand featured on listicles and podcasts, and generating reviews by influencers. 


In our <INSERT DURATION> of working together, we were able to secure a total of over 95 media releases for FijiKava®. Our biggest hits include Arizona Republic Online, Daily Herald, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online, and The Buffalo News, among many others. Podcasts and reputable bloggers also featured the brand, and influencers posted about their positive experience when they tried it.


Our campaign for FijiKava® has accumulated an estimated reach of over 146 million. Playing an essential role in boosting the brand’s sales, the exposure we got for FijiKava® helped position it as an authority in the natural soothing and calming supplements space. It also highlighted the best things about the brand and its products, which further helped convince people to try it, and ultimately, generate sales..


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