Lola's Fine Hot Sauce

Services Offered:

  • Market Support in the US and Canada
  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • Seasonal Gift Guides
  • Top 10 Round-ups  and Listicles
  • Trade Show Support
  • Blogger Seeding 
  • Awareness Day Campaigns 
  • Industry & Trade Media Relations 
  • Strategic Expansion Support with News Release Writing and Syndication 
  • Regional Press to Support Retailers
  • Competitor Analysis and Measuring share of Voice versus Competitors 

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 141 including Cosmopolitan, Digital Journal, Yahoo!, USA Today, Newsbreak, KFrog, Nosh On Me, and many more
  • Total Live Links: 130
  • Audience Reach: 20.9B
  • Products Sent: 16
  • Number of mentions: 289
  • Publicity Value: $3.3M

Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce is an all-natural, gourmet hot sauce brand that offers various well-loved varieties of hot sauces, fine salsas, and seasonings. The brand is immensely popular among chefs and restaurateurs. They approached Publicity For Good to build upon their already successful brand and create a bigger awareness campaign to educate the public about their tasty, all-natural products, the community and the movement behind it.

Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce entrusted Publicity For Good with the task of securing a series of national and local press engagements with foodies, moms and anyone who loves adding a bit of spice to their plates. Publicity For Good approached this challenge by relentlessly pursuing opportunities with key figures and influencers in its target audience.  Publicity For Good reached out to food, cooking, restaurant, lifestyle and business publications, blogs, culinary websites, national, regional and local broadcast outlets, lifestyle websites and daily newsprint for media opportunities. We placed a strong focus on securing print and televised media coverage, product sampling and reviews, feature articles and scheduled owner interviews–all to drive awareness to the brand’s story and their exceptional products. We also made sure to include Canada-based outlets as Lola’s also has a strong presence in the Great White North. 

We had a working relationship with Lola’s that lasted for 10 months. This resulted in over 109 total media opportunities across a wide range of media channels. Our biggest hits with Lola’s came from digital media outlets Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Audacy and Nosh On Me. We were also able to secure opportunities in several popular blogs and radio shows such as Grow Hot Peppers,  KFROG, TAPinto, the Des MOines Register and Natalya Jones for product roundups, gift guides, reviews and feature articles. Our efforts for Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce generated a total media reach of over 8.9 million. We were also able to send out a total of 10 product samples to major media outlets including Medium, Today’s Grocer, WNDU 16 News Now, 97.1 FM Talk, Forbes Online and Prepared foods

In addition, we were able to generate numerous positive social media reviews and features for the brand, which accelerated Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce to become a household name. Through our efforts, the brand was able to solidify its spot in the food and beverage space as an industry leader, which ultimately led to thought leadership and an increase in its market value.

Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce is a highly popular manufacturer of gourmet hot sauce that’s highly regarded by chefs and restaurateurs They are most well known for their ability to source high-quality, all-natural ingredients to develop excellent, well-tasting goods. In a span of 10 months, Publicity For Good was able to secure a total of 109 media opportunities across a wide range of media channels. In total, our efforts generated a total reach of over 8.9 million media impressions.

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