Mushroom Cups

Services Offered:

  • PR to support kickstarter
  • Traditional & Digital PR Services 
  • Round-ups  and listicles
  • Blogger seeding 
  • Awareness Day campaigns 
  • Product launch strategy 


Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 35 media opportunities including PRLog, the Scotsman, Oh bite It, apple eats, Disrupt magazine, Yolo Daily, the Hype Magazine, Sup connect and SaraLee Earegood
  • Total Live Links: 10
  • Audience Reach: 76.5M
  • Products Sent: 10
  • Publicity Value: $1.3M


Mushroom Cups is an innovative brand that creates organic, mushroom-infused coffee and cocoa products that seeks to utilize the many benefits of cordyceps mushrooms and include it in the diets of consumers. The idea sprang forth from its founder’s determination to improve his father’s declining health. He had already had vast knowledge about nutrition and mushrooms, so they put that knowledge to good use and create a product that delivers the benefits of mushrooms in an easily absorbed and accessible way.

Mushroom Cups sought the help of Publicity For Good to increase the awareness and visibility for their brand as well as their Kickstarter campaign. They have a fairly uncommon product, so it was important for them to educate the public regarding the health benefits associated with cordyceps mushrooms, mushroom-infused coffee and the mushroom infusion process and why it’s important.

In order to achieve this goal, we targeted media outlets in top beverage, health and wellness and business publications for product features, reviews and roundups. We also aimed to send target these features in key awareness days to maximize our reach. We prioritized product features and sending out samples so Mushroom Cups’ target audience can know the benefits of mushroom-infused drinks and position Mushroom Cups as a top contender in the beverage industry.

We were able to collect a total of 35 media opportunities for Mushroom Cups across several of our target media outlets. 10 of these media opportunities are already live and have accumulated a total reach of over 76.5 million media impressions. Our secured outlets include PRLog, the Scotsman, Oh bite It, apple eats, Disrupt magazine, Yolo Daily, the Hype Magazine, Sup connect and SaraLee Earegood. We were also able to send out 10 product samples to media outlets and influencers to include in product roundups and reviews. Our media opportunities accumulated an estimated publicity value of around $1.3M.


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