Sabrina Philipp

Services Offered:

  • Media tours for when she traveled
  • Awareness Day Campaigns 
  • TV Tours
  • Press Junkets
  • Television and Radio Guestings
  • Thought Leadership
  • Digital and Traditional PR

Impact Achieved

  • Total Media Opportunities: 23 including Cosmopolitan, Interview News Corp Australia, Daily Mail, Thrive Global, VN Express and Digital Trends and many others
  • Total Live Links: 23
  • Audience Reach: 209M

Sabring Philipp is an international online business and social media expert who’s been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan and Thrive Global. She aids entrepreneurs build intentional, manageable and profitable ventures so they can experience personal and financial freedom. She started a business with only $800 to her name. A year later, she built a thriving million-dollar business.

Sabrina sought out Publicity For Good for help in establishing her as a presence that has the ability to give people the ability to prioritize themselves, all while traveling and working. She wanted us to inform people about her ability to help entrepreneurs and guide them in running their businesses on the go. She also wanted to be pegged as an expert and speaker on the nomadic entrepreneur’s mindset.

Publicity For Good and Sabrina Philipp worked together on elevating her status as an entrepreneurship expert and mentor for 6 months, from February to August of 2020. Throughout our campaign, we were able to gather a total of 23 media opportunities, all of which are already live and consist of online, radio and TV news outlets. These opportunities included major and minor publications such as Cosmopolitan, Interview News Corp Australia, Daily Mail, Thrive Global, VN Express and Digital Trends. In total, we were able to achieve a reach of over 209 million media impressions.

Through our efforts, Sabrina Philipp was able to gain exposure that allowed her to share her expertise and experience in a plethora of media outlets, bolstering her authority as an expert and leader in nomadic entrepreneurship and business development.


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