● Publicity For Good to generate brand awareness for RD and biohacker, Shawn Wells

● To raise awareness in distribution

● Drive news about the kombucha industry

● Shawn Wells the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on Health Optimization.

● Publicity For Good pitched and secured regional TV segments for interview with Shawn Wells to place him as a leading expert.

● Media Awareness campaigns include: Healthy Aging Month, Emotional Wellness Month, Mental Health Awareness, Week National Health Education Week, National Stress Awareness Day, Men’s Health Awareness Month

● We managed national press, regional press, TV, Podcasts, print, and online.

●Top national media outlets include: The John Tesh Show, The Manual Podcast, Good Day Charlotte, The Vitamin Shoppe, Native Society, AZ Daily TV

●Publicity Value: 16,209

Publicity For Good is on a Mission