Shawn Wells

Services Offered: 

  • Media Relations
  • Product Reviews and Round-Ups
  • Press Support
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Podcasts
  • Digital and Traditional PR
  • Expert Interviews

Impact Achieved

  • Consumers Engaged: 40M
  • Coverage Views: 611K
  • Social Shares: 48.6K 
  • 30 live media features with a variety of media outlets including ABC15 Sonoran living, TV FOX Charlotte, Good Day Charlotte, The Vitamin Shoppe, UK Health Radio, US News & World Report, Women’s Health Mag, Bloom TV, Total Beauty and Eat This, Not That, among many others.

Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN is a highly sought-after and revered product formulator in the fields of performance nutrition, longevity, fitness and supplementation. He is also the author of The Energy Formula, a highly regarded reference that people refer to as a roadmap to gain focus, be more productive and get stronger.  His extensive expertise in nutrition and ingredient science has allowed him to be recognized as “The World’s Greatest Formulator”, “Biohacktivist” and Keto authority formulating over 500 products and played an integral role in securing patents for 10 novel ingredients in the health and nutrition industry, including TeaCrine and Dynamine.

Shawn has helped people overcome significant physical and mental health concerns. Shawn faced a variety of these same issues which pushed him to pursue research to help people combat weight issues, depression, autoimmune conditions and many other health issues, including pituitary adenoma, a type of brain tumor. 

Publicity For Good was tasked with securing media opportunities that highlighted Shawn Wells’ extensive knowledge in his field of study in order to extend his reach and educate people about preserving their energy and gaining more from it by practicing his biohacks and nutrition advice. As a nutrition and healthy lifestyle advocate, Publicity For Good was able to easily leverage his level of experience to position him as an industry thought leader and certified authority in the field of performance nutrition, fitness and supplementation.

Publicity For Good took a tactical approach, capitalizing on his vast knowledge, to secure local, regional and national media opportunities to raise awareness of his brand and his advocacy. Naturally, we sought out opportunities where we can brand him as an expert, including expert counsel in small and large publications and blogs. Our campaign was also directed such that it prepared his brand for Men’s Health Month and make people aware of the topics of Biohacking and Keto. we also heavily focused on TV tours while Shawn was traveling for business where he would be featured as a guest to talk about topics around health, wellness and supplements. We focused our pitching efforts on regional and national TV, national media that covered men and women’s health and nutrition and food. We also took advantage of awareness days and months that are centered around health, nutrition and food.

In our time working together, we were able to secure a total of 30 media opportunities for radio, TV, podcasts and online, with majority of our features being held in digital publications. Our media opportunities earned a total reach of over 550 million media impressions, with our largest hits being live features in US News & World Report, Eat This, Not That, The Manual Podcast, Well+Good and Women’s Health Mag.  We were able to engage 40 million consumers, and our coverages exceeded 611 thousand views and shared over 48 thousands times. These opportunities were in the form of featuring Shawn’s story, recipes and expert interviews in the topics of supplementation, dieting, and keto products.

We were able to book opportunities with the Realistic Fitness Podcast, NPR Dallas, ABC 15 Sonoran Living, TV FOX Charlotte, AZ Daily TV, Mix 96.9 | iHeartMedia Phx, The Prison Show, Good Day Charlotte, WSGE Radio, The Manual Podcast, The Vitamin Shoppe, UK Health Radio, KALB, The John Tesh Show – National Radio Show, US News & World Report, Outdoor Fitness & Adventure, Women’s Health Mag, Eat This, Not That, Well+Good, Bloom – TV, Women’s Health Mag, Total Beauty and She Finds.

Our collected media opportunities effectively branded Shawn Wells as the expert to go to for advice and knowledge on food, diet, supplementation and ingredient science, also extending the reach of his advocacy.


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